European Insolvency Regulation

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This book is a comprehensive commentary on the EIR in light of recent decisions of the ECJ and decisions of the judicatures of the various Member States of the EU. It contains a commentary on Article 102, Sections 1 to 11 of the German EGInsO (The Act Introducing the Insolvency Act), as well as country reports on the international insolvency laws of France, Great Britain, and Hungary. This book also deals with the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency together with detailed references to the international insolvency laws of the U.S.A., and it also includes a discussion of protocols. The appendix to the commentary on Article 3 of the EIR contains an extensive Table of Cases, which sets out over 100 cases from the various Member States, including decisions and literature references. While thus being tailored to the needs of the European insolvency practitioner, this commentary also serves as a knowledge-base from which further exploration of the material can begin. The contributing authors are all well-respected academics and practitioners in Germany, England, France, Hungary, and the U.S.A.


EIR (EuInsVO) Recitals Pannen Artt.; 1-3 Pannen Art.; 4 Riedemann Artt.; 5-7 Ingelmann Artt.; 8-9 Pannen Artt.; 10-15 Dammann Artt.; 16-20 Pannen Artt.; 21-23 Eickmann Artt.; 24-25 Pannen/Riedemann Art.; 26 Pannen Artt.; 27-30 Herchen Art.; 31 Pannen Artt.; 32-38 Herchen Artt.; 39-42 Pannen Artt.; 43-47 Pannen/Riedemann German Law Section 1-11 Introductory Act to the Insolvency Statute (EGInsO) Frind/Eickmann Section 335 et seq.; Insolvency Statute (InsO) Riedemann Country Reports Hungary Csoke/Csia France Dammann United Kingdom Hamilton/Hair Protocols etc.; Taylor UNCITRAL Clark.


Laszlo Csia, Budapest, Hungary; Andrea Csoke, Budapest, Hungary; Reinhard Dammann, White & Case, Paris, France; Dieter Eickmann, Berlin, Germany; Frank Frind, Hamburg, Germany; Richard A. Graham , White & Case, Germany/USA; Dan Hamilton, White & Case, London, United Kingdom; Axel Herchen, Hamburg, Germany; Evan C. Hollander, White & Case, New York, USA; Thomas Ingelmann, Hamburg, Germany; Klaus Pannen, White & Case, Hamburg, Germany; Susanne Riedemann, White & Case, Hamburg, Germany; Stephen Taylor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Frankfurt, Germany.
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