European Encounters: Essays in Memory of Albert Lovett

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Juli 2003



This volume of seventeen essays by members of the Department of History at University College Dublin is dedicated to the memory of their colleague Albert Lovett (1944-2000) who taught at UCD for twenty-five years. Covering topics from 1066, Edward II, The Lombard League, the Irish-Counter Reformation, Ireland and colonial America, Irish-born elites in Canada and the U.S., and nature and nationalism in modern Ireland, these essays provide lively reading on subjects covering a wide range of time and place, reflecting Lovett's own interests.


Hugh Gough, Albert Lovett: An Appreciation; Howard B. Clarke, 1066, 1169 and All That: The Tyranny of Historical Turning Points; Seymour Phillips, The Reputation of a King: Edward II from Chronicle and Written Record to Compact Disc and Internet; Edward Coleman, The Lombard League: History and Myth; Tadhg hAnnrach in, A Typical Anomaly? The Success of the Irish Counter-Reformation; Declan M. Downey, Irish-European Integration: The Legacy of Charles V; James McGuire, A Lawyer in Politics: The Career of Sir Richard Nagle c.1636-99; Maurice J. Bric, Ireland and Colonial America: The Viewer and the Viewed; David Doyle, Towards Democracy: Irish-Born Elites in Canada and the United States 1820-1920; Ronan Fanning, The Anglo-American Alliance and the Irish Question in the Twentieth Century; Jane Toomey, Britain's Second EEC Application: The Irish Dynamic; Elva Johnson, A Sailor on the Seas of Faith: The Individual and the Church in The Voyage of Mael Dain; Eamon O'Flaherty, Medical Men and Learned Societies in Ireland, 1680-1785; John McCafferty, "Precedent Covenants": Daniel Maclise's Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife and the Writers of Irish history; Richard Aldous, Newman's Dream Realised: Elgar, Gerontius and the Catholic Origins of Modern Englishness; David Kerr, "La Revolution Introuvable": Raymond Aron, May 1968 and Symbolic Violence in the French Revolutionary Tradition; Mary E. Daly, Nature and Nationalism in Modern Ireland; William Mulligan, The Wehrmacht Exhibition and the Politics of History in Germany; Judith Devlin, The City as Symbol: Architecture and Ideology in Post-Soviet Moscow.


"a posthumous Festschrift in honour of Albert Lovett ... organised by his colleagues in the strong history department of UCD, will stimulate readers with broad historical interests." Irish Times August 2003 "provides striking testimony to the talent of [the history department of University College Dublin] as well as to Lovett's personality ... This is a high quality collection by scholars of recognized standing. Specialists will wish to consult the relevant essays, all heavily referenced, for the depth of scholarship and, in many cases, the originality of approach." J. J. Lee, New York University History: Reviews of New Books 32 2004
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