Ethnicity, Immigration, and Psychopathology

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While most studies of the stresses experienced by minorities, migrants, and refugees focus on North America, this work assumes an unusually broad scope. African-Americans, Latin Americans, Hutterites, Southeast Asians, and Native Americans are all considered in the context of the U.S. and Canada. However, separate chapters also discuss North Africans in France, Turks in Belgium, native culture in New Zealand, Jews inside and outside Israel, Gypsies in Europe, and Germans migrating west in their newly united nation. This unique look at the stresses facing such groups is an important resource for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in clinical psychology, counseling, and psychiatric social work.


Introduction. Ethnicity, Immigration and Psychopathology; I. Al-Issa, M. Tousignant. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination; I. Al-Issa. Ethnic Groups and Immigrants in North America. Southeast Asian Refugees in Canada; M. Beiser, I. Hyman. Refugees and Immigrants in Quebec; M. Tousignant. Social Stress and Psychological Distress Among Latinos in the United States; P. Guarnaccia. Mental Illness Among African Americans; V.R. Adebimpe. The Hutterite Colonies: Stress and Coping in the Context of Communal Life; P.H. Stephenson. Ethnic Groups and Migrants in Europe. Psychosocial Stress and the Process of Coping Among East German Migrans; H. Schröder. The Mental Health of North Africans in France; I. Al-Issa, M. Tousignant. Turkish Immigrants in Belgium; A. Gailly. Native People. The Aboriginal Peoples of Canada; J. Waldram. The Maori of New Zealand; P. Sachdev. Jamaicans, Jews, and Gypsies as Minorities or Immigrants. Migration, Ethnicity and Adaptation: Mental Health in Jamaican Children and Adolescents in Jamaica, Britain and Canada; C. Bagley. Epilogue. General Issues and Research Problems; I. Al-Issa. Two Additional Articles. Index.
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