Essential Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine is a popular medical sub-specialty. Sports medicine certainly overlaps with general musculoskeletal medicine, but there are important differences to be aware of. This book provides comprehensive, pertinent information about sports medicine so that the busy clinician can find it accessible and practical. Medical students, residents, and fellows will find the book useful for providing an accessible overview of the most salient points in the field of sports medicine.


Chapter 1: Preparticipation Evaluation Jennifer Kurz, MD Joseph E. Herrera, DO Robert S. Gotlin, DO Chapter 2: Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports Danielle Marie Perret, MD Barry D. Jordan, MD, MPH Chapter 3: Facial Trauma Fani Thomson, D.O. Stephen Gelfman, DDS, MD Chapter 4: Cervical Spine Injuries Dorothy A. Miller, MD Thomas N. Bryce, MD Chapter 5: Shoulder Injuries Necolle Morgado DO Joseph E. Herrera, DO Chapter 6: Elbow Injuries Victor Ibrahim, MD Elise Weiss, MD Chapter 7: Wrist and Hand Injuries Elise Weiss, MD Chapter 8: Lower Back Injuries Grant Cooper, MD Joseph E. Herrera, DO Michael Dambeck, DO Chapter 9:Hip Injuries Necolle Morgado DO Parag Sheth, MD Chapter 10: Knee Injuries Marc Effron, MD Gregory E. Lutz, MD Chapter 11: Ankle and Foot Injuries Aaron Levine, MD Dov Kolker, MD Chapter 12: Hydration and Nutrition Earl Smith, MD, PhD Jeffery I. Mechanick, MD, FACP, FACE, FACN Chapter 13: Banned and Approved Substances Daniel Leung, DO Joseph E. Herrera, DO Lisa Bartoli, DO


From the reviews:
"This book will as serve quick reference for non-sports medicine physicians and medical residents. The succinct presentation of the topics makes the book a good addition to an office library for quick reference. ... This quick reference may be helpful to medical residents, medical students, and clinicians with an active patient base. ... The authors do a fine job of what they set out to do, creating a succinct quick reference for clinicians whose patient base may include athletes." (Thomas J Duhig, Doody's Review Service, December, 2008)
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