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Oktober 1983



A contraction-disassembly model for intracellular actin gels.
Differential equations with multiple solutions and nonlinear functional analysis.
"Genaue" Fixpunktsätze und nichtlineare Sturm - Liouville - Probleme / "Sharp" fixed point theorems and nonlinear Sturm - Liouville Problems.
Asymptotic integration of functional differential systems which are asymptotically autonomous.
Approach to hyperbolic manifolds of stationary solutions.
Linear Volterra-Stieltjes integral equations and control.
Exchange of stability along a branch of periodic solutions of a single specie model.
On asymptotically quadratic Hamiltonian systems.
Numerical analysis of singularities in a diffusion reaction model.
Hyperbolic Lipschitz homeomorphisms and flows.
Some evolution equations arising in physics.
Periodic solutions of neutral functional differential equations.
On subquadratic not-autonomous Hamiltonian systems.
A note on a class of autonomous Hamiltonian systems with strong resonance at infinity.
Stabilizing effects of dissipation.
Periodic solutions of generalized Lienard equations with delay.
Asymptotic and strong asymptotic equivalence to polynomials for solutions of nonlinear differential equations.
On some parabolic integro-differential equations: Existence and asymptotics of solutions.
Oscillation and nonoscillation properties for second order nonlinear differential equations.
Global Hopf bifurcation in porous catalysts.
Weakly nonlinear systems and bifurcation of higher dimensional tori.
Periodic solutions of functional differential equations.
Subharmonic and chaotic solutions of the forced van der Pol relaxation oscillator.
Functional differential equations with infinite delay on the space C?.
Deterministic and stochastic models for the dynamics of animal populations.
Stability properties for functional differential equations with infinite delay.
An averaging method for Volterra integral equations with applications to phase-locked feedback systems.
The asymptotic analysis of boundary value problems by the method of order reduction.
An obstruction approach to multiparameter Hopf bifurcation.
Finite dimensional approximation to systems with infinite dimensional state space.
Asymptotic behavior in functional differential equations with infinite delay.
Uniqueness and nonexistence of limit cycles for the Fitzhugh equation.
Periodic solutions of nonlinear heat equations under discontinuous boundary conditions.
Homoclinic bifurcation of perturbed reversible systems.
On linear differential equations with almostperiodic coefficients and the property that the unit sphere is invariant.
On some classes of nonlinear hyperbolic equations.
Statistical stability of deterministic systems.
Recent developments in stability and error analysis of numerical methods for ordinary differential equations.
Numerical solution of a singular perturbation problem with turning points.
Stability in Hilbert spaces by using the Riccati equation.
Stability analysis of abstract hyperbolic equations using families of Liapunov functions.
On codimension three bifurcations of a family of three-dimensional vector fields.
The complete integrability of Hamiltonian systems.
Linearized dynamics of shearing deformation perturbing rest in viscoelastic materials.
Semigroups of operators in Banach spaces.
A new method for constructing solutions of the Sine-Gordon equation.
Periodic solutions of a class of semilinear, stochastic differential equations with random coefficients.
A duality principle for neutral functional differential equations.
Characterization of periodic solutions of special differential delay equations.
Uniform stability of almost periodic solutions of delay-differential equations.
Vector fields in the vicinity of a compact invariant manifold.
Bifurcation from the essential spectrum.
Some properties of nonlinear differential equations with quasiderivatives.
Global asymptotic stability in epidemic models.
Bifurcation at multiple eignvalues for equivariant mappings.
Linear stability of bifurcating branches of equilibria.
Efficient computation of stable bifurcating branches of nonlinear eigenvalue problems.
Covariance analysis of distributed systems under stochastic point forces.
Subharmonic oscillations of nonlinear systems.
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