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Deals with Epistemology in the period from the sixth century BC to the second and third centuries AD.


1. Introduction; 2. The beginnings of Epistemology: from Homer to Philolaus Edward Hussey; 3. Protagoras and self-refutation in Plato's Theaetetus Myles Burnyeat; 4. Plato's Early Theory of Knowledge Paul Woodruff; 5. Knowledge and Belief in Republic V-VII Gail Fine; 6. Aristotle's Epistemology C. C. W. Taylor; 7. The problem of the criterion Gisela Striker; 8. Epicurus on the truth of the senses Stephen Everson; 9. Stoic Epistemology Julia Annas; 10. Some ways of scepticism Jonathan Barnes; 11. An Empiricist view of knowledge: memorism Michael Frede; Index of names; Index.


"The essays are well written, learned, and philosophically sophisticated." Choice "Overall, this is a fine collection of essays, one which can be read with profit either by a beginning student or by a scholar. The contributors discuss their subject in the best traditions of history of philosophy, showing knowledge of and respect for both ancient and modern traditions, without trying to make over either tradition in the interests of the other." Daniel W. Graham, Teaching Philosophy "Everson's first volume must be judged an unqualified success, since it demonstrates better than any comparable anthology both the variety and philosophical sophistication of ancient epistemological discussions." Philip Mitsis, Classical World
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