Envisioning Machine Translation in the Information Future

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September 2000



Envisioning Machine Translation in the Information Future When the organizing committee of AMTA-2000 began planning, it was in that brief moment in history when we were absorbed in contemplation of the passing of the century and the millennium. Nearly everyone was comparing lists of the most important accomplishments and people of the last 10, 100, or 1000 years, imagining the radical changes likely over just the next few years, and at least mildly anxious about the potential Y2K apocalypse. The millennial theme for the conference, "Envisioning MT in the Information Future," arose from this period. The year 2000 has now come, and nothing terrible has happened (yet) to our electronic infrastructure. Our musings about great people and events probably did not ennoble us much, and whatever sense of jubilee we held has since dissipated. So it may seem a bit obsolete or anachronistic to cast this AMTA conference into visionary themes.


Technical Papers.- Building a Chinese-English Mapping Between Verb Concepts for Multilingual Applications.- Applying Machine Translation to Two-Stage Cross-Language Information Retrieval.- Mixed-Initiative Translation of Web Pages.- A Self-Learning Method of Parallel Texts Alignment.- Handling Structural Divergences and Recovering Dropped Arguments in a Korean/English Machine Translation System.- A Machine Translation System from English to American Sign Language.- Oxygen: A Language Independent Linearization Engine.- Information Structure Transfer: Bridging the Information Gap in Structurally Different Languages.- The Effect of Source Analysis on Translation Confidence.- Contemplating Automatic MT Evaluation.- How Are You Doing? A Look at MT Evaluation.- Recycling Annotated Parallel Corpora for Bilingual Document Composition.- Combining Invertible Example-Based Machine Translation with Translation Memory Technology.- What's Been Forgotten in Translation Memory.- Understanding Politics by Studying Weather: A Cognitive Approach to Representation of Polish Verbs of Motion, Appearance, and Existence.- Small but Efficient: The Misconception of High- Frequency Words in Scandinavian Translation.- Challenges in Adapting an Interlingua for Bidirectional English-Italian Translation.- Text Meaning Representation as a Basis for Representation of Text Interpretation.- System Descriptions.- MT-Based Transparent Arabization of the Internet TARJIM.COM.- The KANTOO Machine Translation Environment.- Pacific Rim Portable Translator.- LabelTool A Localization Application for Devices with Restricted Display Areas.- The LogoVista ES Translation System.- L&H Lexicography Toolkit for Machine Translation.- A New Look for the PAHO MT System.- User Studies.- Is MT Software Documentation Appropriate for MT Users?.- Evaluating Embedded Machine Translation in Military Field Exercises.- Machine Translation Systems: E-K, K-E, J-K, K-J.


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