Environmental Law, the Economy and Sustainable Development: The United States, the European Union and the International Community

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Januar 2004



This book explores topics in contemporary debates over environmental quality, economic growth and sustainable development.


List of contributors; Introduction: environmental regulation in multi-jurisdictional regimes Richard B. Stewart; Part I. Environmental Regulation in Federal Systems: 1. Federalism and environmental regulation: an overview Richard L. Revesz; 2. Economic criteria for applying the subsidiarity principle in European environmental law Roger van den Bergh; 3. The political economy of pollution control in a federal system John Ferejohn; Part II. Environmental Regulation and International Trade: 4. Environmental protection and the global trade order Frieder Roessler; 5. International trade law and international environmental law: environmental taxes and border tax adjustment in WTO law and EC law Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann; 6. 'Environmental protection and the global trade order': a different perspective Scott Barrett; Part III. Choice of Environmental Policy Instruments: 7. Economic incentives for environmental protection: opportunities and obstacles Richard B. Stewart; 8. Market-based incentives for environmental protection Eckard Rehbinder; 9. Equity and efficiency in global emissions markets Graciela Chichilnisky; Part IV. The Environmental Standard-Setting Process: 10. Institutions for regulating risk Stephen Breyer and Veerle Heyvaert; 11. Science and international environmental policy: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change John Houghton; Part V. International Environmental Law and Sustainable Development: 12. Environmental protection in the twenty-first century: sustainable development and international law Philippe Sands; 13. Markets and sustainability Geoffrey Heal; Index.


'The book is timely in considering the practice of risk assessment, which is already well established, if not without problems, in the US and is very much the coming trend in Europe ... Truly interesting and innovative ideas abound in this book, not least in relation to property rights, for example Chichilnisky proposes an International Bank for Environmental Settlements as a means of establishing and supervising a global greenhouse gas permit trading regime that takes into account not just straightforward economic considerations but also related and important issues of justice.' Journal of Environmental Law
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