Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Innovation

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Entrepreneurship, Growth and Innovation provides comprehensive insight into the economics of entrepreneurship, claiming that this recently established discipline should establish a framework of analysis that integrates the understanding of the determinants and the effects of both entrepreneurship and innovation without neglecting the functioning of the inducement mechanisms. For this purpose, the book combines theoretical prescriptions and international empirical evidence. Contributions by some of the best known scholars in the field of the economics of entrepreneurship and innovation investigate whether the interrelationships between the forces that affect firm and industry dynamics and ultimately determine economic growth are subject to change across countries and over time. The analysis of different national cases puts forward that the relationship between entrepreneurship and growth via innovation is shaped by the context of country-specific institutions and industries, thereby providing hints for industrial and innovation policy.


A Market Model of Perfect Competition Under Uncertainty: Heterogeneous Firms and Technologies.- Industry Dynamics á La Stackelberg with Stochastic Capital Accumulation.- Gibrat's Law: An Overview of the Empirical Literature.- Entrepreneurship in the Old and New Europe.- New Firm Formation and the Region: Empirical Results from the United States.- R&D Intensity and the Relationship between Firm Size and Growth in Germany.- Gibrat's Law in a Medium-Technology Industry: Empirical Evidence for Italy.- Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and the Evolution of Industrial Districts.- Innovation Premium and the Survival of Entrepreneurial Firms in the Netherlands.- Foreign Presence, Technical Efficiency and Firm Survival in Greece: A Simultaneous Equation Model with Latent Variables Approach.- Entrepreneurship, Industrial Restructuring and Unemployment in Portugal.- Transferring the Risk of Failure. Entrepreneurship and Firm Dynamics in Turkish Manufacturing.- What is the Best Policy for Innovative Entrepreneurship?.
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