English Romanticism and the Celtic World

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Mai 2003



This book explores British Romantic writers' responses to the national and cultural identities of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Introduction: romancing the Celt Gerard Carruthers and Alan Rawes; 2. 'And the Celt Knew the Indian': Sir William Jones, the Celtic Revival and the Oriental Renaissance Michael Franklin; 3. 'Our Names may be Heard in Song. But what avails it when our strength has ceased?': the critical response to Ossian's Romantic bequest Dafydd R. Moore; 4. Blake and Gwendolen: territory, periphery and the proper name David Punter; 5. The Welsh American Dream: Iolo Morganwg, Robert Southey and the Madoc Legend Caroline Franklin; 6. Wordsworth, north Wales, and the Celtic landscape J. R. Watson; 7. 'My Mother's Gordons': the force of 'Celtic memories' in Byron's thought Bernard Beatty; 8. 'The Revolt of Erin': Ireland and Islam in Shelley's oriental poetry Arthur Bradley; 9. Byron and 'The Ariosto of the North' Andrew Nicholson; 10. Scott and the British tourist Murray G. H. Pittock; 11. Felicia Hemans, Byronic cosmopolitanism, and the ancient Welsh bards William D. Brewer; 12. Writing which nation? Luttrell of Arran and the Romantic invention of Ireland Malcolm Kelsall; 13. 'Shining in Modest Glory': Contemporary Northern Irish poets and Romantic poetry Michael O'Neill.


Gerard Carruthers is Lecturer in Scottish literature in the School of English at the University of Glasgow. He has co-edited (with Alison Lumsden) Reliquiae Trotcosienses (2002) and (with David Goldie and Alastair Renfrew) Beyond Scotland: New Contexts for Twentieth Century Scottish Literature (2002). Alan Rawes is Senior Lecturer in English at Canterbury Christ Church University College. He is the author of Byron's Poetic Experimentation and co-editor of Romantic Biography.


Review of the hardback: 'This is an excellent collection of learned essays that I am sure every scholar with an interest in British Romanticism will find illuminating and provocative ... it will undoubtedly provoke further research, hopefully of the exemplary standard present throughout.' The Byron Journal
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