English Professional Theatre, 1530-1660

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April 2001



This volume explores the professional English theater from 1530 to 1660. The documents collected here chronicle the theater through the reigns of Henry VIII to Charles I. These primary sources offer first-hand accounts, including the daily life and work of the actor, and the most complete coverage yet of all the playhouses, including the Rose, the Globe, Red Lion, and the Swan. The volume documents the various theater companies of children, costumes and stage property matters, and ecclesiastical and governmental legislation.


List of documents; General Editor's preface; Editor's preface; Abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Documents of Control, 1530-1660, edited by Glynne Wickham: 1. Henry VIII, 1530-1547; 2. Edward VI, 1547-1553; 3. Mary I, 1553-1558; 4. Elizabeth I, 1558-1603; 5. James I and Charles I, 1603-1625: 1625-1649; Part II. Players and Playing, edited by William Ingram: 6. Introduction; 7. The popular image of the stage player; 8. A representative life: Augustine Phillips; 9. Patrons and playing companies; 10. Players and their playing places; 11. Costumes, properties and playbooks; 12. Players travelling in the provinces; 13. Companies of children; 14. Some illustrative instances of professional theatrical life and practice; Part III. Playhouses, 1560-1660, edited by Herbert Berry: 15. The Red Lion; 16.-19. The Four Inns; 20. St Paul's; 21. Newington Butts; 22. The Theatre; 23. The first Blackfriars; 24. The Curtain; 25. The Rose; 26. The Swan; 27. The Boar's Head; 28. The first Globe; 29. The second Blackfriars; 30. The first Fortune; 31. Whitefriars; 32. The Red Bull; 33. The Hope; 34. The second Globe; 35. The Phoenix; 36. The second Fortune; 37. Salisbury Court; Bibliography; Index.


From the hardback review: 'A monumental achievement. A reference book which is at once a long-term resource ad a joy to consult.' Theatre Notebook From the hardback review: '... a groundbreaking documentary resource for students and researchers alike ...'. Shakespeare Yearbook From the hardback review: '... a mighty work of reference ... No brief notice can do justice to the riches of the volume, which is like Chambers, Bentley, and Records of Early English Drama all rolled into one: indispensable.' English Studies From the hardback review: 'English Professional Theatre, 1530-1660 is a most remarkable scholarly achievement, deserving only superlative praise. No self-respecting library can afford to ignore this documentary history. There is little doubt that it will soon acquire the position of a standard work of reference and a source book for theatre historians and Renaissance drama specialists.' Folio From the hardback review: 'The monumental volume, English Professional Theatre, 1530-1660 which [Wickham] co-edited as his contribution to this series, will be an indispensable reference book for years to come.' The Guardian
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