English in the Southern United States

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2003 overview of the foundations of and research on language variation in southern United States.


Introduction; 1. The origins of southern American English John Algeo; 2. Shakespeare in the coves and hollows? Toward a history of southern English Edgar Schneider; 3. Eight grammatical features of southern US speech present in early modern London prison narratives Laura Wright; 4. The shared ancestry of African-American and American white southern Englishes: some speculations dictated by history Salikoko Mufwene; 5. The complex grammatical history of African-American and white vernaculars in the South Patricia Cukor-Avila; 6. Grammatical features of southern speech: yall, might could, and fixin to Cynthia Bernstein; 7. Sounding southern: a look at the phonology of English in the South George Dorrill; 8. Vowel shifting in the southern states Crawford Feagin; 9. Enclave dialect communities in the South Walt Wolfram; 10. Urbanization and the evolution of southern American English Jan Tillery and Guy Bailey; 11. The Englishes of southern Louisiana Connie Eble; 12. Features and uses of southern style Barbara Johnstone.


Stephen J. Nagle is Professor of English at Coastal Carolina University. He is author of Inferential Change and Syntactic Modality in English (1989), is editor of a monograph on political changes in eastern Europe (1992), and is author or co-author of articles on English historical syntax, auxiliary verbs in southern English, and teaching English as a second language. Sara L. Sanders is Professor of English at Coastal Carolina University. She is the author or co-author of articles related to language use, language learning and language diversity. She was compositor of the Linguistic Atlas of the Middle and South Atlantic States (LAMSAS) for three years.


Review of the hardback: 'Central themes, issues and topics of scholarly investigation and debate figure prominently throughout the volume. The extensive bibliography will facilitate continued research ...'. Folia Linguistica Review of the hardback: '... success on the part of the editors in compiling this volume is the discussion of many of the major issues in the field, from phonological, grammatical, and lexical variation to African American English to work on isolated linguistic communities. One of the greatest strengths of this book is the way that many of the chapters are organized around a set of data that exemplifies a major theme or debate in the current literature.' Cynthia G. Clopper , Indiana University, American Speech Review of the hardback: 'Nagle and Sanders have done a masterful job of creating a concise and coherent whole from a series of articles ... Not only are the articles consistently accessible, but they are carefully sequenced so that what emerges is both a broader and more detailed picture of the structures and contexts of southern dialects and their evolution.' Jo Tyler, Mary Washington College
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