Encyclopedia of National Anthems

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September 2003



From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, this exhaustive reference source is an up-to-date collection of national anthems from most of the 192 sovereign countries in the world. Besides providing music sheets arranged for piano, the book also includes lyrics in the original language of each country along with an English translation, if applicable. Non-Latin texts are also displayed as much as possible, usually coming with a transliterated version in the sheet music so that they can be sung. In addition to the anthems, each entry includes a quick fact box containing historical background of the country, facts about the nation itself, and a short account of how the song came to be the national anthem.


Xing Hang is an Eastern Studies scholar at the University of Georgia. This book is the fruit of many years of research.


...a book that reference librarians have been wanting for years...This anthology is strongly recommended for reference collections. Reference Reviews This handy reference work is a social studies or world geography teacher's dream...The Encyclopedia of National Anthems is an invaluable reference work for teachers and students and should be included in every library collection. American Reference Books Annual Music (arranged for the piano) and lyrics (with English translations) for 192 anthems are accompanied by a bit of historical background and brief country facts. Booklist 20040301 ...straightforward...A superbly researched and solid reference, the Encyclopedia of National Anthems is a unique and very welcome contribution to academic and community library World Music reference collections. The Bookwatch
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