Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction

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- Numerous contributions from international scholars providing comprehensive coverage of theory and concepts of HCI

- Examples of best practices and case studies in Human computer interaction

- A compendium of terms, definitions and explanations of concepts, processes and acronyms provided by international experts

- Organized by titles and indexed by authors and topics, making it a convenient method of reference for readers.

- Cross referencing of key terms, figures and information related to Human computer interaction

- With the purchase of a print copy, your library will have access to the electronic edition of this encyclopedia free of charge for the life of the edition.


A sample of contents: HCI principles and concepts; The multidisciplinary nature of HCI; Design and interaction; Usability engineering and usability evaluation; Creativity and innovation possibilities with HCI; CSCW; Various applications; User interfaces and technological applications; New advances and future research directions.


Claude Ghaoui, Ph. D., is a senior lecturer in computer systems (since 1995) at the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Liverpool JMU, UK. Her research interests and expertise are mainly in human computer interaction, multimedia/Internet technology and their applications in education. She is a UK correspondent for EUROMICRO (since 1998) and served on programme committees for several international HCI/multimedia conferences. Since 2000, she has been an advisor for eUniservity (UK-based), which promotes and provides online learning. She is the editor of two books, "E-Educational Applications: Human Factors and Innovative Approaches", 2004 published by IRM Press, and "Usability Evaluation of Online Learning Programs", 2003 published by Information Science Publishing.

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