Emerging Applications of Vacuum-Arc-Produced Plasma, Ion and Electron Beams

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Februar 2003



The NATO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on "Emerging Applications of Vacuum-Arc-Produced Plasma, Ion and Electron Beams" was held at the Baikal Dunes Resort, Lake Baikal, Russia, on June 24-28, 2002. Participants were from NATO countries Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Turkey and the USA, and from NATO partner countries Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The goal of the meeting was to bring together researchers involved in novel applications of plasmas and ion/electron beams formed from vacuum arc discharges, especially in less conventional or emerging scientific areas such as new perspectives on vacuum arc phenomena, generation of high charge state metal ions, heavy ion accelerator injection, multi-layer thin film synthesis, biological applications, generation of high-current high-density electron beams, and more. It was our hope that the meeting would engender new research directions and help to establish new collaborations, prompt new thinking for research and technology applications of vacuum arc science, and in general foster development of the field. The Workshop was a great success, as was clearly felt by all of the attendees. The small number of participants at the meeting tended to encourage a high level of closeness and communication between individuals. The location, a small resort on the western side of Lake Baikal in the vicinity of Irkutsk, was ideal - the isolated location, small and quiet, was excellent and was most conducive to discussion among individuals and small groups quite apart from the formal presentations.


Cohesive energy rule for vacuum arcs; A. Anders.
Physical basis of plasma parameter control in a vacuum arc; I.A. Krinberg.
Sources of multiply charged metal ions: vacuum discharge or laser produced plasma? V. Paperny.
Status of E-MEVVA experiments at ITEP; T.V. Kulevoy, et al.
Underlying physics of E-MEVVA operation; A. Herschcovich, et al.
Technical design of the MEVVA ion source at GSI and results of a long uranium beam time period; F. Heymach, et al.
Simulation of the extraction from a MEVVA ion source; P. Spädtke.
Production of gas and metal ion beams with vacuum arc ion sources; A.S. Bugaev, et al.
High current electron sources and accelerators with plasma emitters; V.I. Gushenets, P.M. Schanin.
Emission methods of experimental investigations of ion velocities in vacuum arc plasmas; A.S. Bugaev, et al.
Gaseous plasma production using electron emitter based on arc discharge; M.V. Shandrikov, et al.
Vacuum arc ion sources: charge state enhancement and arc voltage; M. Galonska, et al.
Linear vacuum arc evaporators for deposition of functional multi-purpose coatings; A.V. Demchyshyn, et al.
Arc generators of low temperature plasma and their applications; N.N. Koval, P.M. Schanin.
Electron beam deposition of high temperature superconducting thin films; G. Mladenov, et al.
Deposition of nanoscale multilayered structures using filtered cathodic vacuum arc plasma beams; M.M.M. Bilek, et al.
Implantation of steel by MEVVA ion source with bronze cathode; Z. Werner, et al.
Resistance to high temperature oxidation of Si-implanted TiN coatings on steel; Z. Werner, et al.
Vacuum arc deposited DLC-based coatings; O.R. Monteiro, M.P. Delplanke-Ogletree.
Applications of vacuum arc plasma to neuroscience;I.G. Brown, et al
Concerning regularities of particle motion in potential fields; V.I. Fedulov.
High current plasma lens: status and new developments; A.A. Goncharov.
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