Embodiment and Experience

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November 1994



A collection of essays examining the relationship between cultural values and the body as a source of symbols and instrument of experience.


Introduction: the body as representation and being-in-the-world Thomas J. Csordas; Part I. Paradigms and Polemics: 1. Bodies and anti-bodies: flesh and fetish in contemporary social theory Terence Turner; 2. Society's body: emotion and the 'somatization' of social theory M. L. Lyon and J. M. Barbalet; Part II. Form, Appearance and Movement: 3. The political economy of injury and compassion: amputees on the Thai-Cambodia border Lindsay French; 4. Nurturing and negligence: working on others' bodies in Fiji Anne E. Becker; 5. The silenced body - the expressive Leib: on the dialectic of mind and life in Chinese cathartic healing Thomas Ots; Part III. Self, Sensibility, and Emotion: 6. Embodied metaphors: nerves as lived experience Setha M. Low; 7. Bodily transactions of the passions: El Calor among Salvadoran women refugees Janis H. Jenkins and Martha Valiente; 8. The embodiment of symbols and the acculturation of the anthropologist Carol Laderman; Part IV. Pain and Meaning: 9. Chronic pain and the tension between the body as subject and object Jean Jackson; 10. The individual in terror E. Valentine Daniel; 11. Rape trauma: contexts of meaning Cathy Winkler; 12. Words from the Holy People: a case study in cultural phenomenology Thomas J. Csordas.


"The authors of Embodiment and Experience broach several interesting paths for future research." William S. Lachicotte, Jr., Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
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