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September 2001



This volume contains the proceedings of EMSOFT 2001, the First International Workshop on Embedded Software. The workshop was organized October 8-10, 2001, at Tahoe City, California. The steering committee of the workshop has the following members: G¿ erard Berry (Esterel Technologies, France) Paul Hudak (Yale University, USA) Hermann Kopetz(Technical University of Vienna, Austria) Edward Lee (University of California, Berkeley, USA) Ragunathan Rajkumar (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (University of California, Berkeley, USA) Douglas Schmidt (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA) Joseph Sifakis (Verimag Grenoble, France) The workshop was sponsored jointly by the DARPA Information Technology O?ce within the MobIES (Model-based Integration of Embedded Systems) p- gram (Dr. Janos Sztipanovits), and by the National Science Foundation (Dr. Helen Gill). The workshop URL is www. emsoft. org. Embedded software is software that interacts with physical processes. As - bedded systems increasingly permeate our daily lives on all levels, from micr- copic devices to international networks, the cost-e?cient development of reliable embedded software is one of the grand challenges in computer science today. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers in all areas of computer science that are traditionally distinct but relevant to embedded software devel- ment, and to incubate a research community in this way.


Heterogeneous Modeling Support for Embedded Systems Design.- Hierarchical Hybrid Modeling of Embedded Systems.- Some Synchronization Issues When Designing Embedded Systems from Components.- Synchronous Programming Techniques for Embedded Systems: Present and Future.- From Requirements to Validated Embedded Systems.- Usage Scenarios for an Automated Model Compiler.- Embedded Control: From Asynchrony to Synchrony and Back.- Verification of Embedded Software: Problems and Perspectives.- A Network-Centric Approach to Embedded Software for Tiny Devices.- Storage Allocation for Real-Time, Embedded Systems.- Interface Theories for Component-Based Design.- Giotto: A Time-Triggered Language for Embedded Programming.- Directions in Functional Programming for Real(-Time) Applications.- Rate-Based Resource Allocation Models for Embedded Systems.- The Temporal Specification of Interfaces in Distributed Real-Time Systems.- System-Level Types for Component-Based Design.- Embedded Software Implementation Tools for Fully Programmable Application Specific Systems.- Compiler Optimizations for Adaptive EPIC Processors.- Embedded Software Market Transformation through Reusable Frameworks.- An End-to-End Methodology for Building Embedded Systems.- An Implementation of Scoped Memory for Real-Time Java.- Bus Architectures for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems.- Using Multiple Levels of Abstractions in Embedded Software Design.- Hierarchical Approach for Design of Multi-vehicle Multi-modal Embedded Software.- Adaptive and Reflective Middleware for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems.- Modeling Real-Time Systems - Challenges and Work Directions.- VEST - A Toolset for Constructing and Analyzing Component Based Embedded Systems.- Embedded Software: Challenges and Opportunities.- Embedded Software in Network Processors - Models and Algorithms.- Design of Autonomous, Distributed Systems.- Formalizing Software Architectures for Embedded Systems.- Reliable and Precise WCET Determination for a Real-Life Processor.- Embedded Systems and Real-Time Programming.- Embedded Software for Video.


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