Elementary Particles and the Universe: Essays in Honor of Murray Gell-Mann

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Mai 2005



This book is a collection of research articles written especially by eminent scientists to celebrate the 60th birthday, in September 1989, of the Nobel Laureate and inventor of 'quarks', Professor Murray Gell-Mann.


1. Excess baggage J. Hartle; 2. Through the clouds E. Witten; 3. Covariant foundations of the superparticle L. Brink; 4. Chiral symmetry and confinement T. Goldman; 5. The original fifth interaction Y. Neeman; 6. The mass hierarchy of leptons and quarks H. Fritzsch; 7. Spacetime duality in string theory J. H. Schwarz; 8. Symmetry and quasi-symmetry Y. Nambu; 9. On an exceptional non-associative superspace M. Gunaydin; 10. Algebra of reparametrization-invariant and normal ordered operators in open string field theory P. Ramond; 11. Superconductivity of an ideal charged boson system T. D. Lee; 12. Some remarks on the symmetry approach to nuclear rotational motion L. C. Biedebharn and P. Truini; 13. Uncomputability, intractability and the efficiency of heat engines S. Lloyd; 14. The new mathematical physics I. Singer; 15. For the birds V. Telegdi; 16. Gell-Mann's approach to physics A. Salam; 17. Remarks M. Goldberger.
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