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August 2006



This book presents the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Government, EGOV 2006, held in in Krakow, Poland in conjunction with DEXA 2006. The book offers 31 revised papers depicting the state of the art in e-government/ e-governance, arranged in topical sections on research, review and outlook, participation and democracy, designing government services, legal dimensions in e-government, procurement and governance issues in networked governments, and more.


Research Review and Outlook.- e-Gov Research Quality Improvements Since 2003: More Rigor, but Research (Perhaps) Redefined.- Is E-Government Research a Flash in the Pan or Here for the Long Shot?.- The E-Government Melting Pot: Lacking New Public Management and Innovation Flavor?.- The Organisation and Coordination of European e-Government Research for the EU in 2010.- What Role Has Scandinavian IS Tradition in eGovernment Implementations.- Maximizing Knowledge for Program Evaluation: Critical Issues and Practical Challenges of ICT Strategies.- Participation and Democracy.- The Citizens in E-Participation.- From Market Squares to Homepages: A Survey of Swiss MPs' Interactivity.- 'Mind the Gap': e-Government and e-Democracy.- To Be or Not to Be Active: Exploring Practices of e-Participation.- e-Participation Behind Closed Doors: Online Evaluation of Teaching Performance.- Designing Government Services.- A Review of Quality Dimensions in e-Government Services.- Is It Only About Internet Access? An Empirical Test of a Multi-dimensional Digital Divide.- Hidden Negative Social Effects of Poor e-Government Services Design.- Designing Government Portal Navigation Around Citizens' Needs.- Municipalities on the Web: User-Friendliness of Government Information on the Internet.- "Open Choice": Improving Public Sector Performance with Process Reorganization Methodology.- Organising Municipal e-Government Systems: A Multi-facet Taxonomy of e-Services for Citizens and Businesses.- Legal Dimensions in E-Government.- Time Model for Managing the Dynamic of Normative System.- Semantic Portal for Legislative Information.- The x-Leges System: Peer-to-Peer for Legislative Document Exchange.- Procurement and Governance Issues in Networked Governments.- Flexibility of Information Architecture in e-Government Chains.- Local Networking for e-Services: A UK Case Study.- Why E-government Usage Lags Behind: Explaining the Gap Between Potential and Actual Usage of Electronic Public Services in the Netherlands.- Limits of Public Procurement: Information Systems Acquisition.- Evaluation and Assessment.- Digital Capability Assessment for eGovernment: A Multi-dimensional Approach.- Assessing the Intangible Value of G2G Endeavours.- Evaluation of E-Government Systems: Project Assessment vs Development Assessment.- ROI Analysis in e-Government Assessment Trials: The Case of Sistema Piemonte.- IT Auditing in E-Government.


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