Electron: A Centenary Volume

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Multi-author centenary volume celebrating the discovery of the electron.


1. J. J. Thomson and the discovery of the electron A. B. P. Pippard; 2. The isolated electron W. N. Cottingham; 3. The relativistic electron D. I. Olive; 4. The electron glue B. L. Gyorffy; 5. The electron fluid P. Coleman; 6. The magnetic electron G. G. Lonzarich; 7. The paired electron A. J. Leggett; 8. The heavy electron M. Springford; 9. The coherent electron Y. Imry and M. Peskin; 10. The composite electron R. Nicholas; 11. The electron in the cosmos M. S. Longair.


Review of the hardback: 'This is an excellent book for its declared purpose of providing collateral reading at the Physics World level to those who already have a background in modern physics. There is more than enough here to allow the electron to consider its birthday suitably celebrated.' P. W. Anderson, Times Higher Education Supplement Review of the hardback: '... this is a fine birthday tribute to the electron, and a good starting point for physicists wishing to delve a little deeper into a field of study adjacent to their own.' Jonathan Butterworth, New Scientist Review of the hardback: 'Each chapter is a fascinating story in its own right.' E. E. Davis, The Observatory Review of the hardback: 'This is an impressive and attractive book and has been very well produced by Cambridge University Press.' Contemporary Physics
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