Eighteenth Century Women Poets

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August 1990



In the first decade of the eighteenth century, only two women published collections of verse. By the 1790s, more than thirty had done so. Yet, in the two intervening centuries, most of that verse has disappeared from view--now either ignored or forgotten.
This delightful anthology takes us back to Augustan England, introducing over one hundred of these lost poets from Lady Mary Chudleigh and Octavia Walsh to Mary Locke and Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. Their poetry speaks with vigor and immediacy, in a range of moods from the
resentful and melancholic to the humorous and exuberant, as they unveil their individual worlds to us. They came from all levels of society--including washerwomen and duchesses--and from both the town and country. The volume reveals that as eighteenth-century women poets gained confidence, their
writing eventually spanned a variety of poetic forms and encompassed both public and private topics. Eighteenth-Century Women Poets offers a compelling reassessment of a neglected aspect of eighteenth-century literature.


The poems (too many authors to list);
Sources and notes;
Index of titles and first lines;
Index of authors;
Index of selected topics


Roger Lonsdale is Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Balliol College. His publications include Dr Charles Burney: A Literary Biography (1965), The Poems of Gray, Collins and Goldsmith (1969), and The New Oxford Book of Eighteenth-Century Verse (1984).


a delight to read, an almost entirely unfamiliar collection of poems, commenting on a wide range of human feelings and experience with outstanding wit, humour and honesty Julia Briggs, The Times Lonsdale has resurrected more than a hundred witty women and set them glistening and pulsing with life and spirits before us. Claire Tomalin, Independent
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