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April 1996



Proceedings of a NATO ASI held in Erice, Italy, April 27-May 1, 1995.


Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase: A Key Enzyme in the Biosynthesis of Leukotriene B4; A. Wetterholm, et al. Lipoxygenases of Mice and Men; C.D. Funk. The Physiological and Therapeutic Significance of Separate Pathways for Prostaglandin Synthesis; D.L. De Witt. Assessment of Pharmacological Inhibition of PGHsynthases in Man; P. Patrignani, et al. Metabolism of Eicosanoids in Mammalian Cells; R.C. Murphy. New Approach in Immunometric Assays; P. Pradelles, et al. Transcellular Biosynthesis of Archidonic Acid Metabolites: From in Vitro Investigations to in Vivo Reality; J. Maclouf. Polymorphonuclearendothelial Cell Interactions and the Control of Coronary Vasculature; A. Sala. Plateletactivating Factor Regulates Events at the Vascular Wall; S.M. Prescott, et al. Studies of Isoprostane Biosynthesis in Man; G. Ciabattoni, et al. N3 Fatty Acids: Antithromboxane Activity: Effects on Redox Status of Blood Cells; M. Lagarde, et al. Receptors and Second Messengers for Cysleukotrienes; S. Nicosia, et al. Prostanoid Receptors: Classification, Characterization and Therapeutic Relevance; R.A. Coleman. Microvascular Actions and Interactions of Eicosanoids and Histamine in Inflammation; P. Hedqvist, et al. 4 additional articles. Index.
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