Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure

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September 2004



The 17 chapters of this book grew out of the tutorial lectures given by leading world-class experts at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure" - ESPRIT, which was held in Rhodes on March 25-29, 2004. All manuscripts were refereed and subsequently meticulously edited by the editor to ensure the highest quality for this monograph. I owe particular thanks to the lecturers of the ESPRIT Advanced Research Workshop for producing these excellent tutorial reviews, which convey the essential knowledge and the latest advances in our field. Due to the breadth, extensive literature citations and quality of the reviews we expect this publication to serve extremely well as a reference book. Multimedia material referring to individual chapters of the book is accessible on the accompanying CD. The aim of ESPRIT was to assess existing knowledge and identify future actions regarding monitoring, forecasting and mitigation of space weather induced malfunction and damage of vital technological systems operating in space and on the ground.


Preface. 1. Specifying and Forecasting Space Weather Threats to Human Technology; D. N. Baker. 2. Geospace storm dynamics; A. Daglis. 3 . Structure and Dynamics of the Electron Radiation Beits; D. Vassiliadis, A. J. Klimas, S. F. Fung, D. N. Baker, R. S. Weigel, S. Kanekal. 4. The Ion Radiation Belts: Experiments and Models; M. Panasyuk. 5. Outlook on Space Weather Effects on Spacecraft; E. J. Daly. 6. Space Weather Effects on SOHO and its Space Weather Warning Capabilities; P. Brekke, M. Chaloupy, B. Fleck, S. V. Haugan, T.Van Overbeek, H. Schweitzer. 7. Prevention of Spacecraft Anomalies - The Role of Space Climate and Space Weather Models; J. L. Barth. 8. The relation of high- and low-orbit satellite anomalies to different geophysical parameters; A. Belov, L. Dorman, N. Iucci, 0. Kryakunova, N. Ptitsyna. 9. Simulation of Space Radiation Effects in Microelectronic Parts; A.Y. Nikiforov, A. Chijmakov. 10. The Effects of Space Weather on Radio Systems; P. S. Cannon, M. J. Angling, J. A.T. Fieaton, N. C. Rogers, A. K. Shukla. 11 . Effects of Solar Radio Bursts on Wireless Systems; D.E. Gary, L. J. Lanzerotti, G. M. Nita, D. J.Thomson. 12. Space Weather Effects on Aircraft Operations; J. B. L. Jones. 13 . Ground Effects of Space Weather; R. Pirjola, A. Viljanen, A. Pulkkinen, S. Kilpua, 0. Amm. 14. Space Weather and the Vulnerability of Electric Power Grids; J. G. Kappenman. 1 5. Space Weather Effects on Power Transmission Systems; J. Beland, K. Small. 16. Neutron Monitor Network in Real Time and Space Weather; H. Mavromichalaki, V. Yanke, L. Dorman, N. Lucci, A. Chilingaryan, 0. Kryakunova. 17. Space Weather Research and the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR); P. J. Bellaire. Index.


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