Effects of Land-Use Change on Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

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November 1993



Roger C. Dahlman Environmental Sciences Division U.S. Department of Energy Washington, D.C. The potential for humans to alter Earth's atmosphere has been recognized since the end of the 19th century when Arrhenius estimated that a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide could alter the atmospheric radiation balance and raise average global temperature. Today, atmospheric CO concentrations play an important part in the 2 climate-change debate. Sources and sinks of CO associated with land use can be 2 significant determinants of the rate and magnitude of atmospheric CO change. 2 Combustion of fossil fuels and the deforestation associated with land-use change both contribute CO to the atmosphere; in contrast, biological processes on land create 2 potential sinks for the excess CO . Thus, land-use change and associated biological 2 processes become important elements in assessments of future atmospheric CO 2 increase; land-cover properties also affect the Earth's albedo, which is a climate feedback.


1. Terrestrial CO2 Flux: The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research.-
2. A Century of Land-Use Change in South and Southeast Asia.-
3. Use of GIS for Estimating Potential and Actual Forest Biomass for Continental South and Southeast Asia.-
4. Land-Use and Biomass Changes of Forests in Peninsular Malaysia from 1972 to 1982: A GIS Approach.-
5. Changing Patterns of Shifting Cultivation in Selected Countries in Southeast Asia and Their Effect on the Global Carbon Cycle.-
6. Trends in Carbon Content of Vegetation in South and Southeast Asia Associated with Changes in Land Use.-
7. The Net Flux of Carbon from Deforestation and Degradation in South and Southeast Asia.-
8. Economic Reasons for Forest Land-Use Change: Relevance to Tropical Deforestation and the Carbon Cycle.-
9. Estimating CO2 Flux from Tropical Forests.


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