Education in the Era of Globalization

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Oktober 2007



Education seems to have lost its orientation in Western culture and is in disarray all over the globe in time of global transitions. Globalizing capitalism is the general headline for some of the most profound, deep and dramatic developments in our era that education must address. The response of educationalists is only in its beginning and there is an urgent need to address the dramatic changes inflicted on/promised to our era philosophically, sociologically, culturally, ecologically, physically, aesthetically and politically. In the proposed book we try to address the challenge of globalization to education in the broadest sense of the concept of education, by treating this challenge in various perspectives through different disciplines and topics within which the challenge of globalization is conceived as the most profound dynamic of this historical moment, a development that is realized in many diverse and different levels, fields and spaces of human and natural existence. The various texts in this collection, written by some of the famous and interesting scholars in the field of philosophy of education and the sociology of education, try to address the richness and diversity of the challenge of globalization. It tries to reconstruct historically, sociologically and philosophically the roots, the practices and the fruits of globalization as a threat and as a gateway for new possibilities for today's education. The collection is a meeting point for research that is not only analytical and critical but also offers new roads and possibilities for education in the 21st century in face of globalization. As such, this collection is unique in this field and opens the door for further research and public discussion on the future role of education.


Introduction: Education in the Era of Globalizing Capitalism: Ilan Gur-Zeév and Klas Roth.- 1: Dialogue, Difference, and Globalization: An Interview with Nicholas Burbules: Klas Roth.- 2: Moral Education, Liberal Education, and the Voice of the Individual,: Paul Standish.- 3: A Kantian Conception of Human Rights Education: Pradeep A. Dhillon.- Ambiguities of Cosmopolitanism: Difference, Gender and the Right to Education: Sharon Todd.- (Dis)locating Imaginative and Ethical Aims of Global Education: Elizabeth E. Heilman .- Education for Responsibility: Knowledge, Ethics and Deliberation: Klas Roth.- Education for Deliberative Democracy: Lars Lovlie.- Multicultural Metaphors: J. Mark Halstead.- Racism: The Birth of a Concept: Walter Feinberg.- Education as Subjectivity: Three Perspectives on the Construction of Subjectivity and the Position of Knowledge: Birgit Nordtug.- Sports Education Facing Globalizing Education: Ilan Gur-Ze'ev.- Toward a Critique of Paideia and Humanities: (Mis)Education and the Global Ecological Crisis: Richard Kahn.- Hope and Education in the Era of Globalization: Olli-Pekka Moisio and Juha Suoranta.
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