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Back in the good old days on the fourth floor of the Altbau of Bonn's Ju­ ridicum, Werner Hildenbrand put an end to a debate about a festschrift in honor of an economist on the occasion of his turning 60 with a laconic: "Much too early." Remembering his position five years ago, we did not dare to think about one for him. But now he has turned 65. If consulted, he would most likely still answer: "Much too early." However, he has to take his official re­ tirement, and we believe that this is the right moment for such an endeavor. No doubt Werner Hildenbrand will not really retire. As professor emeritus, free from the constraints of a rigid teaching schedule and the burden of com­ mittee meetings, he will be able to indulge his passions. We expect him to pursue, with undiminished enthusiasm, his research, travel, golfing, the arts, and culinary pleasures - escaping real retirement.


The Rationale for Measurability.- Inferior Goods, Giffen Goods, and Shochu.- Information and Efficiency in Coordination Games: Recent Experimental Results.- Market Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Knightian View.- Objectives of an Imperfectly Competitive Firm: A Surplus Approach.- Monetary Equilibria.- Strategic Multilateral Exchange and Taxes.- Walras Equilibrium with Coordination.- On the Robustness of the Analysis of Expectational Coordination: From 3 to n + 2 goods.- Nonparametric Estimation of Additive Models with Homogeneous Components.- A Reinforcement Procedure Leading to Correlated Equilibrium.- A Theoretical Analysis of the Mean Slutsky-Income Effect in the CAPM.- Demand Dispersion, Metonymy and Ideal Panel Data.- Some Problems and Perspectives in Economic Theory.- Time Trends in the Joint Distributions of Income and Age.- The Economics of Network Industries.- On Price Competition with Heterogeneous Consumers.- On the Core of a Cartel.- Blame Avoidance as Motivating Force in the First Price Sealed Bid Private Value Auction.- Evasion of Tax on Interest Income in a Two-Country Model.


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