Economics and Management of Franchising Networks

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Franchising networks are experiencing great success in international business organization. Few books try to explain the characteristics of these networks. Contrary to the existing literature this book tackles more theoretical problems related to governance, organization, knowledge management, contract design, incentive and regulation issues both from the economic and management view point. It delivers new theoretical and empirical results regarding plural forms, contract design, and knowledge and strategic management issues. Its purpose is to offer researchers and practitioners new theoretical and empirical insights in one of the most important economic phenomenon at the beginning of the 21st century: Franchising networks as organizational arrangement for growth and internationalization of firms.


Introducing 'Economics and Management of Franchising Networks'.- A: Theoretical Views of the Franchise Governance Structure.- Towards a More General Theory of Franchise Governance.- The Organizational Choice Decision in Business Format Franchising: An Empirical Test.- B: Plural Forms and Other Hybrid Organizational Forms.- The Dual Network Structure of Franchising Firms: Property Rights, Resource Scarcity and Transaction Cost Explanations.- Successful Franchising Using the Plural Form.- Innovation Management with the Plural Form Network.- Franchising and Alternative Forms of Contract to Organize Vertical Restraints: Evidence from French Networks.- C: Contract Design and Compensation.- The Use of Up-front Fees, Royalties and Franchisor Sales to Franchisees in Business Format Franchising.- Contract Design and Range of Services in Franchising: An Empirical Contribution to the Effect of Incentives and Reputation.- Franchising Public Services: An Analysis of the Duration of Passenger Rail Franchises in Great Britain.- D: Knowledge and Strategic Management Issues.- Understanding Exploration and Exploitation in Franchising and Other Forms of Commercial Cooperation.- The Importance of Time Management for the Performance of Franchising Networks.- Relocate, Render and Renovate: A Framework for Marketing Implementation across Franchise Networks.- E: International Market Entry Through Franchising.- Franchising and the Choice of International Entry Mode.- The Choice of Foreign Entry Mode by the Franchiser: Case Studies of Lithuanian Franchisers Entering Latvia.- F: Country Studies.- Exploring the Anatomy of Franchising: A Cross-National Examination of US and Finnish Franchise Contract Provisions.- A Comparison of Finnish and United States Franchisee Satisfaction.- Finnish Franchisee Training Program - Findings from the First Ten Programs 1999-2001.- G: Regulation of Franchise Agreements.- Antitrust Implications of Franchise Agreements.
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