East Asian Sexualities: Modernity, Gender and New Sexual Cultures

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Dezember 2008



This book paints a vivid picture of women's active involvement in reshaping intimate and public sexual life in East Asia. In bringing together exciting new feminist research on sexuality from East Asia and making it available to a wider audience, "East Asian Sexualities" unsettles stereotypes, rectifies lack of awareness and demonstrates that East Asia matters. The chapters address the diversity and variety of everyday sexual lives and sexual politics in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. They range from workplace sexual cultures, trans-national sexual relations, the conditions of sex-work and the emergence of new sexual desires, cultures and movements.


Introduction: Framing the Issues Liu Jieyu, Woo Juhyun and Stevi JacksonPart 1: sex and workGlobal Cinderellas: Negotiating Sexuality in Cross-Border MigrationLan Pei-chiaSexualized Labour? The 'white collar beauty' in provincial ChinaLiu Jieyu The Office Party: Corporate sexual culture and sexual harassment in the South Korean workplace.Lee Sung-eunSexual Harassment and Corporate Culture in JapanMuta Kazue 'Oh, my boyfriend once was my client '- negotiating sex and work among Taiwanese sex workersChen Mei-huaAm I a sex worker? - Prostitute women's understandings of work and the organization of sex work in the Pearl River Delta AreaDing Yu & Petula Ho Sik-yingPart 2: The politics and practice of intimate relationshipsChinese Women's Perceptions of Sex, Love and MarriageLi YinheThe Sexual Politics of Difference in Contemporary Korea: The Lesbian Rights Movement and the Sex Workers' MovementCho Joo-hyun'How did you two meet?' The formation of lesbian partnerships in JapanKamano SaoriTalking about "good sex" - Hong Kong women in the 21st century(Annie) Chan Hau Nung, Social Change and Declining Birth Rate in Japanese FamiliesSekii Tomoko Becoming "the First Wives:" Gender, Intimacy, and Global Economy across the Taiwan Strait Shen Hsiu-hua


Stevi Jackson is Professor of Women's Studies and Director of the Centre for Women's Studies at the University of York, UK. She works on theories of gender and sexuality and is author of a number of books including Childhood and Sexuality (1982; 1996), Heterosexuality in Question (1999) and Theorizing Sexuality, with Sue Scott (2008). She has co-edited, with Sue Scott, Feminism and Sexuality (1997) and Gender: A Sociological Reader (2001). She has a long-standing personal interest in east Asia, having spent formative years in Hong-Kong as a teenager and has recently developed an academic interest in the area through her research students and through contacts with East Asian feminist scholars.Liu Jieyu is Academic Fellow of the White Rose East Asian Centre based at the University of Leeds, having previously been Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. She is the author of Gender and Work in Urban China: Women Workers of the Unlucky Generation (2007) and of journal articles on women workers in China. She is currently researching the aestheticisation of white collar work in China and the aspirations of young women employed in such work.Woo Juhyun has completed a PhD at the University of York on narratives of sexual citizenship and is pursuing further research on narratives of sexuality at the University of York. She undertook her undergraduate and graduate education in the UK, but was born and raised in Korea and worked as a sociological researcher in her native country before returning to the UK to work on her PhD.
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