Earthquake Science and Seismic Risk Reduction

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November 2003



This book can be used as a reference by both specialists (e.g., seismologists, earthquake engineers, and physicists) and related professionals (e.g., government officials, land use planners). Scientific issues (the physics of earthquake occurrence and implications for predictability), applications (procedures for time-independent hazard estimates, and time-dependent forecasts solidly grounded on recent progress in earthquake physics, as well as unresolved scientific questions pertaining to such estimates), and policy issues (practical measures for seismic risk reduction in Greece and Turkey, and how governments should view earthquake prediction) are comprehensively covered. Each of the eight chapters is followed by a thorough set of references to recent literature. CD-ROM with color figures is included.


From the reviews of the first edition:
"This is a comprehensive and up-to-date book mainly on earthquake prediction, in the practical sense of including policy issues as well as in the sense that 'once we can predict something, we understand it'. ... This book should be read by everybody interested in earthquake prediction and seismic hazard mitigation, expert or not, scientist or administrator. It ... makes a good reference. Each chapter contains a comprehensive set of references to recent literature. A CD-ROM with color figures is included." (Christian Goltz, Surveys in Geophysics, Vol. 27, 2006)
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