Early Greek Political Thought from Homer to the Sophists

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April 2003



This edition of early Greek writings on social and political issues includes works by more than thirty authors.


Preface; Introduction; Principal dates; Bibliographical note; Glossary; Table of equivalents; Part I. Early Poetry: 1; Homer; 2. Hesiod; 3. Archilochus; 4. Tyrtaeus; 5. Solon; 6. Theognis; 7. Hymn to Hephaestus; 8. Simonides; 9. Xenophanes; 10. Pindar; Part II. Tragedy: 11. Aeschylus; 12. Sophocles; 13. Euripides; 14. Other tragic fragments; Part III. History and Folklore: 15. Herodotus; 16. Thucydides; 17. The old Oligarch; 18. Aesop; Part IV. Philosophy and Science: 19. Heraclitus; 20. Democritus; 21. Medical writers from the Hippocratic corpus; 22. Antisthenes; Part V. Sophists; 23. Protagoras; 24. Gorgias; 25. Prodicus; 26. Hippias; 27. Antiphon; 28. Thrasymachus; 29. Evenus; 30. Critias; 31. Lycophron; 32. Alcidamas; 33. Anonymus Iamblichi; 34. Dissoi Logoi; 35. From unknown authors; Index.


"Gagarin and Woodruff have made a selection so generous that one could easily carve out one's more limited selections, according to one's special theme or purpose...this volume deserves a cordial welcome." Trevor J. Saunders, Canadian Philosophical Review "Because of its wide range of materials included and the helpful editorial additions, this is an extremely valuable anthology, certainly the best in its field. It would be an excellent text to use in courses on ancient political thought." R.K., Ethics
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