Dynamics of Cell and Tissue Motion

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An interdisciplinary study explaining the dynamics underlying biological motion - one of the most obvious expressions of self-organization. Designed for a broad audience from bioscientists to applied mathematicians, this book considers possible synergetic mechanisms of interaction and cooperation on different microscopic levels.


I Motile Dynamics at the Cellular Level - Cytoplasmic Motion and Cell Shape -.- I.1 Embryonic Mesoderm Cells and Larval Keratocytes from Xenopus: Structure and Motility of Single Cells.- I.2 Periodicity in Shape Changes of Human Epidermal Keratinocytes.- I.3 Self-organized F-Actin Autowaves Govern Pseudopodium Projection and the Non-random Locomotion of Dictyostelium Amoebae.- I.4 Mathematical Analysis of Cell Shape.- I.5 Protrusion, Retraction and the Efficiency of Cell Locomotion.- I.6 Microscopic Image Classification Based on Descriptor Analysis.- I.7 A Dynamical Model of Cell Division.- I.8 Shape Behavior of Closed Layered Membranes and Cytokinesis.- I.9 Protrusion-Retraction Dynamics of an Annular Lamellipodial Seam.- I.10 Auto-oscillatory Processes and Feedback Mechanisms in Physarum Plasmodium Motility.- I.11 Origin of Actin-induced Locomotion of Listeria.- I.12 Models for the Formation of Oriented F-actin Structures in the Cytoskeleton.- II Dynamics of Cell Interaction with the Environment.- II.1 Cell-Substratum Interactions of Amoeba proteus: Old and New Open Questions.- II.2 Imaging Traction Stresses.- II.3 Chemotaxis and Chemokinesis of Dictyostelium Amoebae: Different Accumulation Mechanisms Induced by Temporal Signals and Spatial.- II.4 Receptor-mediated Models for Leukocyte Chemotaxis.- II.5 A Model for Cell Migration by Contact Guidance.- II.6 Derivation of a Cell Migration Transport Equation from an Underlying Random Walk Model.- II.7 A Continuum Model for the Role of Fibroblast Contact Guidance in Wound Contraction.- II.8 Wound Healing and Tumour Growth - Relations and Differences -.- III Dynamics of Cell-Cell Interactions - Collective Motion and Aggregation -.- III.1 Models for Spatio-angular Self-organization in Cell Biology.- III.2 Aggregation Induced by Diffusing and Nondiffusing Media.- III.3 Models of Dictyostelium discoideum Aggregation.- III.4 A Cellular Automata Approach to the Modelling of Cell-Cell Interactions.- IV Dynamics within Tissues - Morphogenesis and Plant Movement -.- IV.1 Morphogenetic Dynamics in Tissues: Expectations of Developmental and Cell Biologists.- IV.2 Mechanical Stresses in Animal Development: Patterns and Morphogenetical Role.- IV.3 Mechanisms for Branching Morphogenesis of the Lung.- IV.4 Tissue Stresses in Plant Organs: Their Origin and Importance for Movements.- IV.5 Self-Organization and the Formation of Patterns in Plants.- IV.6 The Mathematics of Plate Bending.- IV.7 Mechanical Forces and Signal Transduction in Growth and Bending of Plant Roots.- IV.8 Growth Field and Cell Displacement within the Root Apex.- IV.9 The Stationary State of Epithelial Tissues.- References.- Group Picture.- Addresses.


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