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Highly automated production and logistics facilities require mechatronic drive solutions. This book describes in which way the industrial production and logistics work and shows the structure of the drive solutions required for this purpose. The functionality of the mechanical and electronic elements of a drive system is described, and their basic dimensioning principles are explained. The authors also outline the engineering, reliability, and important aspects of the life cycle.


Industrial production and automation.- The drive system and its components.- Mechatronic drive solutions.- Engineering and life cycle costs of drives.


Dr. Edwin Kiel (49) has been working in the field of controlled electric drives since he has completed his studies of electrical engineering (TU Braunschweig). 1994 he was received the Dr.-Ing. degree from Prof. Leonhard. He has been working at Lenze since 1998 and is director of innovation there. Dr. Kiel is an acknowledged expert in the fields of automation, mechatronics in production machines, and in the field of electric drive technology.

Lenze: innovative solutions
Being an expert for drive and automation technology, Lenze offers mechatronic drive solutions with scalable products and automation systems, including the corresponding range of services offered. The group of companies comprises more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide with production plants in Europe, China, and the US. Altogether Lenze employs about 3,300 employees, more than 300 of them are working in the field of research and development.


From the reviews:
"This book ... addresses the transformation of electromechanical energy by controlled electric motors. The control tasks are determined by inverters and involve power electronics and control electronics. ... the authors describe drives, mechatronics, motors, and gearboxes in various applications such as winding drives, forming processes, saws, tool drives, pumps, newspaper production, laminate flooring, and automotive production. ... This book will be useful to industrial engineers who design or make extensive use of drive systems. Summing Up: Recommended. Professionals/practitioners." (A. M. Strauss, CHOICE, Vol. 45 (11), July, 2008)
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