Double Trouble: Iran and North Korea as Challenges to International Security

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November 2007



Offers international perspectives on the threats and the peaceful responses to grapple with the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs and the security concerns posed by these two nations. This work includes four essays dedicated to Iran and the five essays focusing on North Korea that examine the potential dangers posed by each country.


PATRICK M. CRONIN is Director of Studies at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and previously directed research at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, United States Institute of Peace, and Center for Strategic and International Studies.


"In this informative volume, several policy analysts examine various aspects of these two countries' nuclear programs. Cronin, director of studies at London's International Institute for Strategic Studies, introduces the sections on Iran and North Korea with a comparative overview chapter. The book's contributors analyze presumed motivators behind the nuclear course taken by the leadership of Iran and North Korea and offer policy alternatives for engaging both of these countries....Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, and research collections." - Choice
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