Donald Davidson

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April 2015



This is the only comprehensive introduction to the full range of Davidson's work.


Introduction Kirk Ludwig; 1. Truth and meaning Ernest Lepore and Kirk Ludwig; 2. Philosophy of action Alfred R. Mele; 3. Radical interpretation Piers Rawling; 4. Philosophy of mind and psychology Jaegwon Kim; 5. Semantics and metaphysics of events Paul Pietroski; 6. Knowledge of self, others, and world Ernest Sosa; 7. Language and literature Samuel C. Wheeler III.


'... the essays provide a good introduction to selected topics in Davidson's philosophy. The chapters present his arguments in an accessible fashion and place them in philosophical and historical context, often providing a concise introduction to the particular sub-field in the process. They not only point out developments in Davidson's approach, but difficulties, as well. Most of the essays go beyond the reconstruction of Davidson's specific views to develop the author's own position with reference to the contemporary debate. One of the strengths of the volume is that it places Davidson's views in the context of on-going philosophical debates and supplies references for in depth study. ... the volume represents a valuable and systematic contribution to contemporary scholarship on Davidson's philosophy.' Protosociology
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