Doing Business with Russia

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Oktober 2004



This fourth edition of Doing Business with Russia provides authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the climate for foreign investment, including the legal structure and corporate governance issues, an examination of banking, finance, accountancy and taxation issues, and profiles of key industry and business sectors. While some political analysts have been critical of President Putin since the 2004 election, economists and business people remain extremely optimistic. For the sixth successive year the Russian economy has enjoyed sustained economic growth.


Consultant Editor: Marat Terterov. Foreword; Andrew B Somers, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Russia; Introduction; Marat Terterov; Part One: Background to the Market; 1.1 Developments in the Political Environment; 1.2 An Overview of the Russian Economy -- Money Matters; 1.3 The Legal Regime and Regulatory Environment for International Business; 1.4 Latest Developments in the Russian Investment Climate; 1.5 An Overview of the Russian Foreign Investment Climate; 1.6 Russian Country Risk: Clouding Future Prospects for Russian Corporates; Part Two: The Financial Sector; 2.1 The Russian Banking System: An Overview; 2.2 Retail Banking; 2.3 The Russian Insolvency Regime; 2.4 The Issuance and Regulation of Securities; 2.5 Currency Regulation; 2.6 Corporate Governance Development in Russia; Part Three: Market Potential; 3.1 Russian Oil and Gas; 3.2 The Business Climate in the Russian Oil and Gas Sector; 3.3 The Oil and Gas Industry: The Regulatory Environment and Legal Infrastructure; 3.4 Investing in a Reforming Electric Utilities Industry; 3.5 Russian Energy Sector Policy; 3.6 The Telecommunications Market; 3.7 Telecommunications: The Regulatory Framework; 3.8 The Russian IT Market; 3.9 The Automotive Industry; 3.10 The Pharmaceuticals Market; 3.11 Investing in Russian Pharmaceuticals -- Crisis or Renaissance?; 3.12 The Development of Retail; 3.13 The Brewing Industry; Part Four: Getting Established: The Taxation and Legal Environment; 4.1 Business Structures; 4.2 Establishing A Presence; 4.3 Russian Business Entities; 4.4 Business Taxation; 4.5 Russian Taxation; 4.6 Auditing and Accounting; 4.7 New Russian Customs Legislation; Part Five: Business Development: Operating an Enterprise; 5.1 The Property Regime in Russia; 5.2 Land Relations in the Russian Federation; 5.3 Intellectual Property and E-Commerce; 5.4 Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; 5.5 Employment Law and Work Permits for Expatriates; 5.6 An Investment Project in Russia -- Applicable Laws; 5.7 Entrepreneurial Startups; 5.8 Property and Real Estate Regulation; 5.9 Competition Law; Part Six: Appendices; I Learning from the Russian Experience: Regional Debt Defaults and Recovery 1998-2003; II Useful Business-Related Websites; III Useful Business-Related Websites; IV Contributor Contact Details


Dr. Marat Terterov holds a Ph.D. from St.Antony's College, Oxford. He is author of over a dozen books addressing the business environment in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. He recently co-authored a major USAID study evaluating privatization in Egypt and, as a consultant to the UK government, has advised British companies on Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries. He speaks frequently at the Centre for International Briefing and is author of academic articles on the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. He also holds a Chevening Scholarship. He has edited over a dozen books for Global Market Briefings on foreign investment in countries of the former Soviet Union, the Balkans and the Middle East, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia, Bahrain, Egypt and Libya.

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