Doha and Beyond: The Future of the Multilateral Trading System

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Bringing together members of the former WTO Director General's advisory group (formed to provide expert advice before and after the Doha Ministerial Conference), nine experts explore issues pertinent to the ongoing progress in negotiations. The volume offers a comprehensive summary of key issues facing the WTO as it moves forward and should prove essential reading for trade negotiators and scholars concerned with the post-Cancoun agenda.


Notes on contributors; Introduction; 1. Trade and sustainable development in the WTO after Doha Konrad Von Moltke; 2. WTO - the institutional contradictions LeRoy Trotman; 3. China's entry into the WTO and its impact on the global economic system Koichi Hamada; 4. Key challenges facing the WTO Robert E Baldwin; 5. Development dimensions in multilateral trade negotiations T. Ademola Oyejide; 6. External transparency: the policy process at the national level of the two level game Sylvia Ostry; 7. Trading for development: how to assist poor countries Jagdish Bhagwati; 8. Controlling corruption: a key to development-orientated trade Peter Eigen; 9. The impact of EC enlargement on WTO A. Messerlin; Index.


Director-General of the World Trade Organization from 1999 to 2002. Former New Zealand Prime Minister and Deputy Finance Minister.


'This book ought to be read by everyone with an interest in the international trading system, in the role of the WTO in that system, in the issues on the agenda in the Doha Round, and in the ability of the Round to deliver on that agenda, It is a thought-provoking contribution to the literature.' Donald MacLaren, Journal of World Trade Review
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