Documents in European Community Environmental Law

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EC environmental legislation represents one of the most complex and challenging legal regimes for the protection of the environment. The significant body of legislation which now exists has given rise to numerous disputes over its application and interpretation. This collection brings together the principal documents in an accessible form, providing practitioners, scholars and students with the essentials necessary to understand, advise upon and apply this body of law. Concise editorial notes summarise the main provisions of the instruments reproduced and place them in their wider context.


Part I. General Principles of EC Environmental Law; Part II. European Community Institutions and Legislation; Part III. The Relationship Between Environmental Protection, Financial Assistance and Free Trade; Part IV. Procedural techniques of environmental protection; Part V. Protection of air quality; Part VI. Biodiversity and nature conservation; Part VII. Waste; Part VIII. Dangerous substances; Part IX. Water quality.


Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for International Courts and Tribunals at University College London. Barrister at Matrix Chambers. Marie Curie Fellow, Imperial College London and Visiting Scholar and Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University, New York.
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