Distributed Computing and Networking

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking, ICDCN 2006, held in Guwahati, India in December 2006. Coverage in this volume includes ad hoc networks, distributed computing and algorithms, security, grid and P2P computing, performance evaluation, internetworking protocols and applications, optical networks and multimedia, sensor networks, and wireless networks.


Keynote Talk I.- Distributed Security Algorithms by Mobile Agents.- Session I A: Ad Hoc Networks I.- A Real-Time Guarantee Scheme Based on the Runtime Message Scheduling and Error Control for the Dual Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Network.- ADIAN: A Distributed Intelligent Ad-Hoc Network.- A Mobility Tolerant Cluster Management Protocol with Dynamic Surrogate Cluster-Heads for a Large Ad Hoc Network.- Prediction Based QoS Routing in MANETs.- MCDS Based Multicasting in Mobile Adhoc Networks.- Session I B: Distributed Computing and Algorithms I.- Programmer-Centric Conditions for Itanium Memory Consistency.- A Group Quorum System of Degree .- An Efficient Non-intrusive Checkpointing Algorithm for Distributed Database Systems.- Adaptive Connected Dominating Set - An Exercise in Distributed Output Switching.- An Efficient and Scalable Checkpointing and Recovery Algorithm for Distributed Systems.- Keynote Talk II.- On Distributed Verification.- Session II A: Security.- The Price of Defense and Fractional Matchings.- Construction of Adaptive IDS Through IREP++ and ARM.- Proving Optimality of DWS(Distance-Weighted Sampling) Probability Function for FMS IP Trace-Back Technique.- A Mechanism for Detection and Prevention of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.- Session II B: Grid and P2P Computing.- Auction Based Resource Allocation in Grids.- MLBLM: A Multi-level Load Balancing Mechanism in Agent-Based Grid.- Data Management for a Distributed Hash Table.- DRWT: An Efficient Random Walk Algorithm for Unstructured P2P Networks.- A.K. Choudhury Memorial Lecture.- Stochastic Models of IEEE 802.11e Wireless Networks with Multimedia Applications.- Keynote Talk III.- Maintaining Information About Nearby Processors in a Mobile Environment.- Session III A: Ad Hoc Networks II.- Energy Aware Topology Management in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.- On Maximizing Network Lifetime of Broadcast in WANETs Under an Overhearing Cost Model.- On Maximizing Residual Energy of Actors in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks.- Locant: A Nature Inspired Location Service for Ad Hoc Networks.- Session III B: Performance Evaluation I.- An Analytical Model for Capacity Evaluation of VoIP on HCCA and TCP File Transfers over EDCA in an IEEE 802.11e WLAN.- Developing Analytical Framework to Measure Robustness of Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Design and Implementation of a Network Processor Based 10Gbps Network Traffic Generator.- Stochastic Spectral Density Analysis on Network Traffic Characterization.- Negotiating Monitoring Task Allocation for Orbiters.- Keynote Talk IV.- Primality Tests Based on Fermat's Little Theorem.- Session IV: Distributed Computing and Algorithms II.- Efficient Distributed Handshake Using Mobile Agents.- Improved Distributed Exploration of Anonymous Networks.- The Complexity of Updating Multi-writer Snapshot Objects.- Simultaneous Consensus Tasks: A Tighter Characterization of Set-Consensus.- Database Summarization and Publishing in Wireless Environments.- Keynote Talk V.- Read-Write Reductions.- Session V A: Internetworking Protocols and Applications.- Large Scale Voice over IP Experiences on High Performance Intranets.- Z!Stream: An Application Streaming System by Copy-on-Reference Block of Executable Files.- Supervised Grid-of-Tries: A Novel Framework for Classifier Management.- BGPSep_S: An Algorithm for Constructing IBGP Configurations with Complete Visibility.- Performance Enhancement in REM Using Adaptive Drop Policy for Protective and Best-Effort Traffic.- A New Precomputation Scheme for MPLS Traffic Engineering Routing.- Session V B: Ad Hoc Networks III.- A Mobility Aware Technique for Clustering on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Design and Analysis of Rate Aware Ad Hoc 802.11 Networks.- Tightly Packed IP Address Configuration (TPIA) Protocol in Small-Scale MANET.- TransMAN: A Group Communication System for MANETs.- Session VI A: Performance Evaluation II.- On Fault Tolerance of Two-Dimensional Mesh Networks.- Feedback Control with Prediction for Thread Allocation in Pipeline Architecture Web Server.- Variants of Priority Scheduling Algorithms for Reducing Context-Switches in Real-Time Systems.- Session VI B: Optical Networks and Multimedia.- Dynamic Path Shared Protection for Survivable Differentiated Reliable WDM Optical Networks.- A Time Model for Distributed Multimedia Applications.- Destination Initiated Multi-wavelength Reservation Protocol (DIMRP) in WDM Optical Networks: Finding the Optimal Selectivity for Wavelength Assignment.- A Hybrid Transformation Technique for Video Coding.- Session VII A: Sensor Networks.- Location Verification Based Defense Against Sybil Attack in Sensor Networks.- A New Scheme for Establishing Pairwise Keys for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Distributed Location and Lifetime Biased Clustering for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Network.- Power Aware Duty Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Data Forwarding Protocol for Reliable Delivery Service in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Session VII B: Wireless Networks.- Synchronous and Asynchronous Auction Models for Dynamic Spectrum Access.- A One-Pass Method of MIP Registration by WLAN Host Through GPRS Network.- An Idea Bag Strategy to Discourage Selfish Behavior Under Random Token MAC Protocols for Wireless LANs.- A Signalling Technique for Disseminating Neighbouring AP Channel Information to Mobile Stations.- A Predictive Location Management Scheme by Extracting the Unique Sub-patterns from the Mobility Logs.
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