Distributed and Parallel Systems

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August 2008



DAPSYS (International Conference on Distributed and Parallel Systems) is an international biannual conference series dedicated to all aspects of distributed and parallel computing. DAPSYS 2008, the 7th International Conference on Distributed and Parallel Systems was held in September 2008 in Hungary.
Distributed and Parallel Systems: Desktop Grid Computing, based on DAPSYS 2008, presents original research, novel concepts and methods, and outstanding results. Contributors investigate parallel and distributed techniques, algorithms, models and applications; present innovative software tools, environments and middleware; focus on various aspects of grid computing; and introduce novel methods for development, deployment, testing and evaluation. This volume features a special focus on desktop grid computing as well.
Designed for a professional audience composed of practitioners and researchers in industry, this book is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science.


Desktop Grids.- Enabling Java applications for BOINC with DC-API.- Bridging the Data Management Gap Between Service and Desktop Grids.- Utilizing the EGEE Infrastructure for Desktop Grids.- Integrating Condor Desktop Clusters with Grid.- Prediction of the Jobs Execution on the Community Grid with Added Network Latency.- Grid Applications.- The Porting of a Medical Grid Application from Globus 4 to the gLite Middleware.- Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change Data Grid.- Towards a GRID-Based Digital Library Management System.- Grid Resource Management and Scheduling.- Fair Execution Time Estimation Scheduling in Computational Grids.- Multiprocessor Task Scheduling using a new Prioritizing Genetic Algorithm based on number of Task Children.- A Framework for Fair and Reliable Resource Sharing in Distributed Systems.- An Agent Based Architecture for DAG Scheduling.- Grid Programming Environments.- Workflows in a secure environment.- High-level User Interface for Accessing Database Resources on the Grid.- Miscellaneous Grid-related Issues.- A supporting infrastructure for evaluating QoS-specific activities in SOA-based Grids.- Checkpointing of Parallel Applications in a Grid Environment.- The Grid Data Source Engine Batch Query System.- Reputation-Policy Trust Model for Grid Resource Selection.


From the reviews:
"This book is a collection of papers presented at the International Conference on Distributed and Parallel Systems DAPSYS 2008, with a focus on grid computing. ... The papers can be independently read and no prerequisites are required. ... The results are nicely illustrated with graphs and detailed descriptions. ... The papers in the book are very well balanced, with the right amount of mathematical models, experimental analysis, and real-world applications. The book can be used as a reference for academics and industry researchers." (Naga Narayanaswamy, ACM Computing Reviews, January, 2009)
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