Differential Geometry, Peniscola 1985

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August 1986



Cauchy uniqueness in the Riemannian obstacle problem.
Non-abelian hodge theory via heat flow.
Non abelian Poincare lemma.
Le Problème de Yamabe concernant la courbure scalaire.
Finite type spherical submanifolds.
Mappings between manifolds with cartan connections.
Invariants integraux fonctionnels pour des equations aux derivees partielles d'origine geometrique.
Hermitian natural differential operators.
An example of an almost cosymplectic homogeneous manifold.
Positive solutions of the heat and eigenvalue equations on riemannian manifolds.
Etude des algebres de Lie resolubles reelles qui admettent des ideaux unidimensionnels n'appartenant pas au centre.
The Iwasawa manifold.
Connected sums and the infimum of the Yamabe functional.
Isoclinic webs W(4,2,2) of maximum 2-rank.
Almost transversally symmetric foliations.
Uniformization of geometric structures with aplications to conformal geometry.
Representation coadjointe quotient et espaces homogenes de contact.
On a geometric generalization of the noether theorem.
The isoperimetric inequality and the geodesic spheres. Some geometric consequences.
On the K-dimensional radon-transform of rapidly decreasing functions.
Kaehler submanifolds in the complex project space.
Volume-preserving geodesic symmetries on four-dimensional Kähler manifolds.
The cohomology and geometry of Heisenberg-Reiter nilmanifolds.
Totally real submanifolds of a complex projective space.
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