Differential Geometry

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November 1989



This volume of proceedings contains selected and refereed articles - both surveys and original research articles - on geometric structures, global analysis, differential operators on manifolds, cohomology theories and other topics in differential geometry.


Smooth toral actions on principal bundles and characteristic classes.- Integrable forms on iterated loop spaces and higher dimensional non abelian de Rham theory.- Métriques d'Einstein-Kähler.- Spherical finite type submanifolds.Applications.- Representing the super Virasoro algebra by meromorphic vectorfields on the graded Riemann sphere.- Algebraic characterizations by means of the curvature in contact geometry.- Some results on the normal subgroups of Diff? (X×?+, rel X×[0]).- On volume elements on a non-compact manifold.- On codimension-one foliations.- Une application des algebres de Clifford.- Möbius geometry VI. characterization of the homogeneous tori.- Hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature.- Compactification and completion of Yang-Mills moduli spaces.- Rapid decay of eigenfunctions.- Differential invariants on the bundles of g-structures.- The eta invariant of even order operators.- Curvature of contact Riemannian three-manifolds with critical metrics.- On a linearizability condition for a three-web on a two-dimensional manifold.- Submanifolds with Euclidean complements.- Graded derivations of the algebra of differential forms associated with a connection.- Generalized symplectomorphisms.- Asymptotic behavior of the Yang-Mills gradient flow.- Some global properties of closed space curves.- Metrics of constant curvature on a sphere with two conical singularities.
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