Developments in Language Theory

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Juni 2003



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory, DLT 2003, held in Szeged, Hungary, in July 2003. The 27 revised full papers presented together with 7 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 57 submissions. All current aspects in language theory are addressed, in particular grammars, acceptors, and transducers for strings, trees, graphs, arrays, etc; algebraic theories for automata and languages; combinatorial properties of words and languages; formal power series; decision problems; efficient algorithms for automata and languages; and relations to complexity theory and logic, picture description and analysis, DNA computing, quantum computing, cryptography, and concurrency.


Invited Presentations.- Quantum Computing: 1-Way Quantum Automata.- An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Software Verification.- Comments on Complete Sets of Tree Automata.- On a Conjecture of Schnoebelen.- Restarting Automata and Their Relations to the Chomsky Hierarchy.- Test Sets for Large Families of Languages.- Complexity Theory Made Easy.- Contributions.- Synchronizing Monotonic Automata.- Covering Problems from a Formal Language Point of View.- Regular Languages Generated by Reflexive Finite Splicing Systems.- The Myhill-Nerode Theorem for Recognizable Tree Series.- Generating Series of the Trace Group.- Residual Finite Tree Automata.- From Glushkov WFAs to Rational Expressions.- NFA Reduction Algorithms by Means of Regular Inequalities.- Tile Rewriting Grammars.- Distributed Pushdown Automata Systems: Computational Power.- On Well Quasi-orders on Languages.- Frequency of Symbol Occurrences in Simple Non-primitive Stochastic Models.- On Enumeration of Müller Automata.- Branching Grammars: A Generalization of ET0L Systems.- Learning a Regular Tree Language from a Teacher.- On Three Classes of Automata-Like P Systems.- Computing Languages by (Bounded) Local Sets.- About Duval's Conjecture.- Computation with Absolutely No Space Overhead.- Deleting String Rewriting Systems Preserve Regularity.- On Deterministic Finite Automata and Syntactic Monoid Size, Continued.- Flip-Pushdown Automata: Nondeterminism is Better than Determinism.- Deciding the Sequentiality of a Finitely Ambiguous Max-Plus Automaton.- Minimizing Finite Automata Is Computationally Hard.- Boolean Grammars.- Syntactic Semiring and Universal Automaton.- Alphabetic Pushdown Tree Transducers.


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