Democratizing Global Governance

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Juli 2002



Is globalization beyond human control? In this thought-provoking text, the myths and mantras of this apparently irresistible force are challenged and dissembled. By examining a number of fundamental questions, the contributors put forward a radical reform agenda for global governance. Can the global multilateral system be democratic? Are security and economic concerns separable? Can the development of a global civil society contribute to effective global governance? An important and wide ranging study, this book will be essential reading for graduates and researchers in international relations.


List of Figures List of Tables Notes on the Contributors Preface Glossary of Acronyms PART
I: GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Globalization and Governance: An Overview; M.Tehranian Taming Capital, Holding Peace; M.Tehranian Democratizing Governance; M.Tehranian PART
II: GLOBAL FINANCIAL FLOWS The Political Economy of Globalization: The Old and the New; S.Gill Financial Globalization: The State, Capital and Policymaking; K.Malhotra, M.Mezzera & M.Keklik The Asian Financial Crisis and IMF Intervention; M.Mezzera & K.Malhotra The Role of Portfolio Investors in the Asian Financial Crisis; A.Harmes The Case for Regional and Global Financial Regulation; M.Mezzera, K.Malhotra & M.Keklik Renewing the Governance of the Global Economy; K.Malhotra PART
III: GLOBAL PEACE AND SECURITY Conflict Prevention: Towards a Multi-Dimensional Approach; M.S.Michael The UN and Disarmament: A Global and Regional Action Plan; M.Hamel-Green The Politics of Biological and Chemical Disarmament; S.Wright Reforming Multilateral Peace Operations: A Survey; E.Aksu Peace Operations: The Road Ahead; J.A.Camilleri PART
IV: REIMAGINING THE FUTURE Major Structural Reform; J.A.Camilleri The Politics of Reform; J.A.Camilleri Select Bibliography Index


STEPHEN GILL Professor of Political Science, York University, Canada
MICHAEL HAMEL-GREEN Associate Professor, Department of Social Inquiry and Community Studies, Victoria University, Melbourne
ADAM HARMES Postdoctoral Fellow, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto
MUMTAZ KEKLIK Principal Consultant, UNDP Project on Trade and Sustainable Human Development Report
KAMAL MALHOTRA Senior Civil Society Adviser at UNDP
MARCO MEZZERA Research Associate with Focus and the Global South, Bangkok, Thailand
MICHALIS S. MICHAEL Lecturer in International Relations, La Trobe University, Melbourne
MAJID TEHRANIAN Professor of International Communication, University of Hawaii
SUSAN WRIGHT Historian of Science directing an international research project
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