Democracy, Religious Pluralism and the Liberal Dilemma of Accommodation

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How should liberal democratic governments respond to citizens as religious believers whose values, norms and practices might lie outside the cultural mainstream? Some of the most challenging political questions arising today focus on the adequacy of a policy of 'live and let live' liberal toleration in contexts where disputes about the metaphysical truth of conflicting world-views abound. Does liberal toleration fail to give all citizens their due? Do citizens of faith deserve a more robust form of accommodation from the state in the form of 'recognition'. This issue is far from settled. Controversies over the terms of religious accommodation continue to dominate political agendas around the world. This is the first edited collection to provide a sustained examination of the politics of toleration and recognition in an age of religious pluralism. The aftermath of the events of September 11th have dramatised the urgency of this debate. It has also surfaced, nationally and globally, in disputes about terrorism, security and gender and human rights questions in relation to minority communities. This volume brings together a group of new and established scholars from the fields of law and philosophy, who all present fresh and challenging perspectives on an urgent debate. It will be indispensable reading for advanced researchers in political and legal philosophy, religious and cultural studies and related disciplines.


1. Introduction. Liberal Democracy and Religious Pluralism: Accommodating or Resisting the Diversity of a Globalising Age? Monica Mookherjee.- Section I. Religious Pluralism in Liberal Democracies: Toleration and the Dynamics of Social Conflict.- 2. Religions and Liberal Democracy: Reflections on Doctrinal, Institutional and Attitudinal Learning; Veit Bader.- 3. How Not to Tolerate Religion; Glen Newey.- 4. On the Muslim Question; Anne Norton.- 5. Dealing Morally With Religious Differences; Sorin Baiasu.- 6. Diversity and Equality: 'Toleration as Recognition' Reconsidered; Andrea Baumeister.- Section II: Cases, Concepts and New Frameworks for Accommodating Religion in Liberal Democracies.- 7. Modus Vivendi and Religious Conflict; John Horton.- 8. Negotiating the 'Sacred' Cow: Cow Slaughter and the Regulation of Difference in India; Shraddha Chigateri.- 9. An Ex Post Legem Approach to the Reconciliation of Minority Issues in Contemporary Democracies; Emanuela Ceva.
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