Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies II

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The second edition of the workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Te- nologies (DALT 2004) was held July 2004 in New York City, and was a great success. We saw a signi?cant increase in both the number of submitted papers and workshop attendees from the ?rst meeting, held July 2003 in Melbourne. Nearly 40 research groups worldwide were motivated to contribute to this event by submitting their most recent research achievements, covering a wide variety of the topics listed in the call for papers. More than 30 top researchers agreed to join the Program Committee, which then collectively faced the hard task of selecting the one-day event program. The fact that research in multi-agent systems is no longer only a novel and promising research horizon at dawn is, in our opinion, the main reason behind DALT's (still short) success story. On the one hand, agent theories and app- cations are mature enough to model complex domains and scenarios, and to successfully address a wide range of multifaceted problems, thus creating the urge to make the best use of this expressive and versatile paradigm, and also pro?t from all the important results achieved so far. On the other hand, bui- ing multi-agent systems still calls for models and technologies that could ensure system predictability, accommodate ?exibility, heterogeneity and openness, and enable system veri?cation.


Reasoning.- Dynamics of Declarative Goals in Agent Programming.- Theories of Intentions in the Framework of Situation Calculus.- Partial Deduction for Linear Logic-The Symbolic Negotiation Perspective.- Modelling and Engineering.- On Modelling Multi-agent Systems Declaratively.- The Semantics of MALLET-An Agent Teamwork Encoding Language.- Construction of an Agent-Based Framework for Evolutionary Biology: A Progress Report.- Reasoning About Agents' Interaction Protocols Inside DCaseLP.- Verification.- Model Checking Agent Dialogues.- Modeling and Verification of Distributed Autonomous Agents Using Logic Programming.- Norm Verification and Analysis of Electronic Institutions.- Norms and Protocols.- A Lightweight Coordination Calculus for Agent Systems.- Enhancing Commitment Machines.- A Protocol for Resource Sharing in Norm-Governed Ad Hoc Networks.- Interaction and Communication.- Intensional Programming for Agent Communication.- The Logic of Communication Graphs.- Representational Content and the Reciprocal Interplay of Agent and Environment.


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