Decentring Dancing Texts: The Challenge of Interpreting Dances

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Juli 2008



Eleven authors analyse recent dance practices in the theatre, in club culture and on film, addressing dance in interdisciplinary relationship with music, painting and play texts. This text attempts to fill a gap with an up-to-date account of exciting and challenging new work, illuminated by fascinating new theoretical frameworks.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Notes on Contributors Preface Intertextual Narratives in Dance Analysis; J.Lansdale Betraying History? An Historiographic Analysis of The Judas Tree (1992); A.Carter Unbalancing the Authentic/Partnering Classicism: Shobana Jeyasinghâ¿¿s Choreography and the Bharata Natyam â¿¿Traditionâ¿¿; J.Oâ¿¿Shea Akram Khanâ¿¿s Ma (2004): An Essay in Hybridisation and Productive Ambiguity; L.Sanders Elusive Narratives: M.Ek & G.Poesio On the Premises of French Contemporary Dance: Concepts, Collectivity, and â¿¿Trojan Horsesâ¿¿ in the Work of Jérome Bel and Loïc Touzé; T.Dâ¿¿Amelio Chasing voices: Ian Spinkâ¿¿s Dancing Fugue (1988); J.Lansdale Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargionâ¿¿s Both Sitting Duet (2002): a Discursive Choreomusical Collaboration; D.Perazzo Domm Lea Anderson, Dancing and Drawing the Past into the Present; H.Rottenberg Mad Hot Ballroom and the Politics of Transformation; S.Dodds Mapping the Multifarious: the Genrification of Dance Music Club Cultures; J.L.Hall Harpies and Pyjamas: the Making of Heart Thief (2003); Deveril Index


TONI D'AMELIO, lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UK.
ALEXANDRA CARTER is Professor in Dance Studies, Middlesex University, UK.
DEVERIL is an editor, director and writer, and teaches children how to make films.
SHERRIL DODDS is Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey, UK.
JOANNA LOUISE HALL is Senior Lecturer, Royal Academy of Dance, UK.
JANET O'SHEA is Reader in Dance Studies, Middlesex University, UK.
DANIELA PERAZZO DOMM is studying for a PhD in Dance Studies, University of Surrey, UK, and lectures in Arts and Society and Critical Theory and Analysis.
GIANNANDREA POESIO is Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, London Metropolitan University, UK.
HENIA ROTTENBERG, lecturer on dance history and the relationships between dance and the arts, Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel.
LORNA SANDERS is Research Assistant on a cross-college interdisciplinary research group on issues of embodiment based at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK.
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