Databases in Networked Information Systems

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Information systems in healthcare and public utility services depend on comp- ing infrastructures. Many research e?orts are being made in related areas, such as wireless computing (e. g. , Auto-ID Laboratories, and projects at MIT), W- based computing, and information accesses by Web users. Government agencies in many countries plan to launch facilities in education, healthcare and infor- tion support as a part of e-government initiatives. In this context, information interchange management has become an active research ?eld. A number of new opportunities have evolved in design and modeling based on new computing needs of users. Database systems play a central role in supporting networked information systems for access and storage management aspects. The4thInternationalWorkshoponDatabasesinNetworkedInformationS- tems (DNIS 2005) was held on March 28-30, 2005 at the University of Aizu in Japan. The workshop program included research contributions, and invited c- tributions. A view of research activity in Information Interchange Management and related research issues was provided by the session on this topic. The invited contribution was contributed by Dr. Umeshwar Dayal. The workshop session on Web Data Management Systems had invited papers by Prof. Elisa Bertino, Prof. Masahito Hirakawa, and Prof. William I. Grosky. The two sessions on Networked Information Systems included invited contributions by Prof. Sushil Jajodia, Dr. Cyrus Shahabi, Prof. Divyakant Agrawal and Dr. Harumi Kuno. I would like to thank the members of the Program Committee for their support and all authors who considered DNIS 2005 in making research contributions.


Information Interchange and Management Systems.- Predictive Business Operations Management.- Conversation Quantization for Conversational Knowledge Process.- Wrapper Generation for Automatic Data Extraction from Large Web Sites.- Efficiently Coding and Querying XML Document.- An Interface for Web Based Access to Dynamic Contents.- HID: An Efficient Path Index for Complex XML Collections with Arbitrary Links.- Web Data Management Systems.- Integration of Virtual Reality and Database System Techniques.- From Multimedia to UniversalMedia.- The Multimedia Semantic Web.- Storing and Retrieving Multimedia Web Notes.- A Searching Method Based on Problem Description and Algorithmic Features.- Augmenting the Power of the Various Versions of LSI Used in Document Retrieval.- Networked Information Systems: Applications.- Networked Mining of Atomic and Molecular Data from Electronic Journal Databases on the Internet.- Development of a Data Mining Application for Huge Scale Earth Environmental Data Archives.- Design of Automation Systems for Web Based Courseware Using XML and XSLT.- Towards Open Education Through Distributed and Networked Information Systems - An Experience-Based Approach.- Exploring Web Logs with Coordinated OLAP Dimension Hierarchies.- Networked Information Systems: Implementations.- Policies, Models, and Languages for Access Control.- Modelling Peer-to-Peer Data Networks Under Complex System Theory.- Attribute-Based Access to Distributed Data over P2P Networks.- Governing the Contract Lifecycle: A Framework for Sequential Configuration of Loosely-Coupled Systems.- GridFS: Ensuring High-Speed Data Transfer Using Massively Parallel I/O.- Data Management Systems.- Improving Customer Experience via Text Mining.- A Distributed Algorithm for Outlier Detection in a Large Database.- An Improved Approach to Extract Document Summaries Based on Popularity.


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