Database Programming Languages

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Dezember 2005



The10thInternationalSymposiumonDatabaseProgrammingLanguages,DBPL 2005, was held in Trondheim, Norway in August 2005. DBPL 2005 was one of 11 meetings to be co-located with VLDB (the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases). DBPLcontinuesto presentthe verybest workat the intersectionofdatabase andprogramminglanguageresearch. DBPL2005accepted17papersout ofa- talof 63submissions;anacceptancerateof27%. Everysubmissionwasreviewed by at least three members of the program committee. In addition, the program committeesoughtthe opinionsof51additionalreferees,selectedbecauseoftheir expertise on particular topics. The ?nal selection of papers was made during the last week of June. All authors of accepted papers submitted corrected versions, which werecollected in aninformalproceedings anddistributed to the attendees of DBPL 2005. As is traditional for DBPL, this volume was produced after the meeting and authors were able to make improvements to their papers following discussions and feedback at the meeting. The invited lecture at DBPL 2005 was given by Giuseppe Castagna en- tled "Patterns and Types for Querying XML Documents"; an extended version of the lecture appears in this volume. Given the topic of this invited lecture, we invited all attendees of the Third International XML Database Symposium (XSym 2005), also co-located with VLDB, to attend. Continuing this colla- ration, we organized with the co-chairs of XSym 2005 a shared panel session to close both meetings. The invited panel discussed "Whither XML, c. 2005?" and consisted of experts on various aspects of XML: Gavin Bierman (Microsoft Research), Peter Buneman (University of Edinburgh), Dana Florescu (Oracle), H. V.


Patterns and Types for Querying XML Documents.- Dual Syntax for XML Languages.- Exploiting Schemas in Data Synchronization.- Efficiently Enumerating Results of Keyword Search.- Mapping Maintenance in XML P2P Databases.- Inconsistency Tolerance in P2P Data Integration: An Epistemic Logic Approach.- XML Data Integration with Identification.- Satisfiability of XPath Queries with Sibling Axes.- XML Subtree Queries: Specification and Composition.- On the Expressive Power of XQuery Fragments.- A Type Safe DOM API.- Type-Based Optimization for Regular Patterns.- Efficient Memory Representation of XML Documents.- N-Ary Queries by Tree Automata.- Minimizing Tree Automata for Unranked Trees.- Dependency-Preserving Normalization of Relational and XML Data.- Complexity and Approximation of Fixing Numerical Attributes in Databases Under Integrity Constraints.- Consistent Query Answers on Numerical Databases Under Aggregate Constraints.


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