Dance in the Field

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This international collection on dance ethnography - the first of its kind - comprises original contributions on fieldwork in dance and human movement. Based on extensive fieldwork experience, it explores the major theoretical approaches, methods and concerns of dance and movement research from anthropological and ethnochoreological perspectives. The result underlines the existing and continuing growth in dance ethnography which will also be of interest to those in dance studies, anthropology, cultural studies, folklore, ethnomusicology and sociology.


List of Plates Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Reflecting on Dance Ethnography;
T.J.Buckland PART ONE: THEORETICAL DIMENSIONS The Mystique of Fieldwork;
A.L.Kaeppler Fieldwork;
D.Williams Past and Present in Field Research: A Critical History of Personal Experience;
A.Giurchescu Folk Dance Research in Hungary: Relations Between Theory, Fieldwork and the Archive;
L.Felföldi 'Or Shortly They Would Be Lost Forever': Documenting for Revival and Research;
E.Bakka PART TWO: METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES Capturing the Dancing: How and Why?;
J.van Zile The Choreographic Notebook : A Dynamic Documentation of the Choreographic Process of Kokuma Dance Theatre, an African-Caribbean Dance Company;
E.J.Johnson Jones Dance on Film: Strategy and Serendipity;
F.Hughes-Freeland Madness and Recall: Storied Data on Irish Dancing;
F.Hall It Takes Two - or More - to Tango: Researching Traditional Music/Dance Interrelations;
O.Ronström It Goes Without Saying - But Not Always;
B.Farnell PART THREE: POLITICS AND POWER Fieldwork, Politics and Power;
A.Grau Searching for Branches, Searching for Roots: Fieldwork in my Grandfather's Village;
A.Nahachewsky 'Outsider' in an 'Inside' World, or Dance Ethnography at Home;
M.Koutsouba [Re]Constructing Meanings: The Dance Ethnographer as Keeper of the Truth;
T.J.Buckland Textual Fields: Representation in Dance Ethnography;
G.Gore Index


EGIL BAKKA Director, Centre of the Norwegian Council for Folk Music and Folk Dance and Adjunct Professor in Ethnochoreology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
BRENDA FARNELL Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Illinois
LASZLO FELFÖLDI Head of the Folk Dance Department, Institute of Musicology, Academy of Sciences, Budapest
ANCA GIURCHESCU Chair of the International Council for Traditional Music Study Group on Ethnochoreology
ANDRÉE GRAU Senior Lecturer in Dance, Roehampton Institute, London, and Associate Lecturer, London Contemporary Dance School
GEORGINA GORE Ph.D., Maître de Conférences, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand II, France
FRANK HALL Teacher, Indiana State University and performer with Rhythm in Shoes, Dayton, Ohio
FELICIA HUGHES-FREELAND Senior Lecturer, Social Anthropology, University of Wales
E.JEAN JOHNSON JONES Lecturer, Department of Dance Studies, University of Surrey
ADRIENNE L. KAEPPLER Curator of Oceanic Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
MARIA KOUTSOUBA Lecturer, School of Intercultural Education, Military Academy, Athens
ANDRIY NAHACHEWSKY Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
OWE RONSTRÖM Assistant Professor, Institute for Folklife Studies, University of Stockholm
JUDY VAN ZILE Professor of Dance, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
DRID WILLIAMS conducted fieldwork in England, USA, Australia and Kenya
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