Current Developments in European and International Competition Law

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April 2008



The recent edition contains the contributions to the 14th St.Gallen International Competition Law Forum. Current developments and innovations in European and Swiss competition law are presented to the reader in a nutshell.

- The abuse of a dominant position - What's new?
- How to make efficiencies work
- How to get your multijurisdictional merger through
- International coordination of merger remedies
- Plea bargaining - The future in competition litigation?
- European competition policy facing a renaissance of protectionism - Which strategy for the future?
- Aspects of sanction policy and practice
- The role of national judges in competition law
- Vertical restraints revisited

The authors and moderators are well known experts in the field of competition law. Among them are the leading figures in DG Competition of the European Commission, the Swiss Competition Commission, the German Federal Cartel Office, the US Federal Trade Commission, the UK Competition Commission, the President of the European Court of First Instance of the European Communities, of the German Federal Supreme Court and the EFTA Court, academics, attorneys and economists.

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